2016 Tournament Paintball Paint Review

Tournament Paint Review 2016



That was a solid review!!

Henley Deng says:

if im empire i be embarrassed.. especially the evil paint. back 10 years ago those were the best you can get. i remember them being almost $100 a box its slightly cheaper at $75 now… now i only use hk army supreme.. sometimes the hk exclusive for special occasions.

Krazy-K Paintball says:

great video now your should do best bang for buck paint. maybe use your gun holder see which has better grouping. gi has a 5 star too man. I have only uses gi 1 star and gi 2 star but looking for other paints

PI Crew says:

Very informative/helpful. Can you do a comparison between Rrison fury pro, redemption pro?

Rico Telles says:

awesome video, but since you didn’t bore match any of your paint the results are inconsistent

jojomaloni the jew says:

my paintball field only lets us use the stuff they sell so i cant buy good bslls for a cheaper price so if i want good balls i need to pay alot more

saffer4774 says:

No Valken Redemption Pro?

asian 15 says:

very nice comparrison of the paint, i also think 4 star is the best, but i really like valken infinity for rec ball.
You liking the gtek so far? i hav one and love it to death, but i am trying to find a used boomstick bc the stock barell bore size is way to big for the paint i use

Jose C says:

Nice video.. Should of showed us the difference in fill

Steven C says:

where do you usually buy your paint?

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