6mm Airsoft Paintball BBs Shooting/Review

These HFC BBs are paint-filled plastic shells, and function just like a sized-down version of a regular paintball. Not a great idea to use these in AEGs or GBBs because in the case of rough loading or a jam, one could explode inside of the gun and cause all sorts of messy problems. I do not condone the use of these for that reason.

Problems with them aside, they are pretty neat and are a cool way to do something different with an airsoft gun.

The gun used in this video is a WE Hi-capa 5.2 “Striker”.

Thanks for watching!

Link to where I purchased these: (I know someone will ask)


SuperGamer Games and Random says:

Would my 400 fps sniper break them?

Deven Pucci says:

If some fucker shot me with a paint BB i’d be pissed. This is airsoft not paintball and even if that shit comes off i dont want to have to do extra cleaning. Dont be a cunt use regular bb’s or go play paintball.

Shusui's Galdino says:

onde posso compra?

Rogelio Corona says:

cool no more cheating they say.. but am sure if one or several bbs burst inside your aeg or gbb wnt be fun. the shells stuck in there jamming everithing up. not to mention if you drop it next you go paint mudd, but lets say you dnt drop it. that paint will dry in there seizing your gun. idk i woulnt try them.. paying 200 plus for a ggb pistol am good. seems fun onky if you can guarantee them not bursting inside. imagined running around in a hot sunny day. they will burst. guaranteed. idk like cheap simunition (not close) .

Aska Liu says:

why is it sticky O_O?

Miles Williams-Lewis says:

Could you try this with the 6mm water crystal BB’s? I wanna know if using those in an AEG or more expensive gun, would be damaging, as it is only water, at that point. Asking for my girlfriend who wants to have an excuse to shoot me inside the apartment.

soccer is life says:

his gun it awsome.

Alonzo Branson says:

Not bad. I was always wondering if these would actually feed in a semi-auto.

Wong Tik Ki says:

I tried these before…the idea is good, but the implementation is very bad. The shell surface is rough and weight is uneven so it is not accurate. The plastic started to melt if it got warm and humid and will eventually melt after a period of time in storage. When this happens it become sticky. If it got jammed in the gun, your are screwed. The smell is awful too. And typical airsoft gun do not shoot it fast enough so it will not burst when hitting soft target. Don’t be mistaken, I love the idea of a paint marker round for airsoft so we can have the best of both world and airsoft will be taken more seriously. If someone perfected the tech I will buy.

Ramon van Den bergh says:

wow that’s nice, i have a colt m1911A1 that shoots 345Fps does it works with this airsoft gun? and where can i buy the 6mm paintball bullets?


“It’s not particularly accurate, they go where you point the gun” *i shoot my gun at a can 10 feet away and the bullet goes everywhere except straight*

บักเรียว Xcrosz says:


Jandband Animations Studio says:

no more cheaters

h31212 says:


Bence Dudás says:

What is the name of that pistol ?

sunil mishra says:

can we gt these guns online

Thiago Martins de Oliveira says:

Can use in Spring pistol?

Luke Finlayson says:

whee did you buy the gun from?

gunna beesee says:

bb gunsa are the ones that looks like a copy of like lets say an mp5.its weaker and for me,im not buying something cause it looks like a real one and spits out bb s in seconds and then its done.after the first 10 shots its just getting weaker and weaker from that cos bottle that u need to buy and replace all the fucking time.tried ones beeing shot in the leg,and its just nothing else then a red mark and some small pain thats not reslly painfull..i prefer and really like my nitro air rifle with some 10,20 gr with precision and go out getting some better skills from far away distances ore make some targets that explodes.i have to brake it everytime i change pellets,but that dont matter to me.its just a habbit and i dont need to care about some co2 bottle getting half and weaker buy the second.i got both things and that bb stuff i bought cause it looked like a real mp5 and i got tierd of it very fast.so i got myselfe a air rifle with some 1300fps and made me manny different targets.I got that as my hobby now,started out missing alot to be about 50 meters from a small target and hitting it.i like the ones i made whi tells you that it was a hit ore not with a big bang,im not a fan of the light pellets.i had some pellets called h&m sniper magnum 4,5mm .thats fun shooting with pellets like that.its made for hunting burds and rabbits with on longer disstances.bb guns and these nitro air rifles with power in them like 12-1500 fps are very different.i never brig my bb mp5 with me when im going out and have some fun and hit whatever targets i schoose that day..im more into swending a pellet perfect ore better then the last day,then shoot 20 round bbs in about some seconds and thats it..that co2 bottle also fuckes it up making the last bbs just puff out of the gun.bb guns are nice to keep as look alike gun thing,.the nice thing with my air rifle is that i get good at it and its legal and very quiet,unlike another thing i got but never get to shoot with cause its loud and i cant really use it,and i love shooting and i would recomend a nitro rifle with scope and dont go for the cheap weak ones..you do want some power and the chance to need the scope to see what you shoot at.If you want to shoot alot of round plastic bbs in seconds and think its fun then go ahead but its not any fun to watch the bullets in the air and like many bb guns are like cause they got not reallyu power after a few shots from some co2..they really got some great air rifles for sale these days..notlike the one were you get the pellets flying back in your face after hitting a wall ::) Get a nitro driven air rifle and give a bb gun to your son…

NotMedicine says:

what is that gun

Charlie Curtice says:

There’s like 5 paintball sidearms out there, I wonder if I could use this on a paintball field O.o

MArko Ziomal says:

Whats the replica you are using?

tonkerdog1 says:

Who wants to be shot by these for fun play air soft instead

Enrico Riccardi says:

where can i get them

P0TAT0_CANN0N says:

Its a good idea to use on cheaters to be honest. Have a spare mag you set aside with every 4th or 5th round being a paint BB.

Josh King says:

i really dig the Caspian aspect. they’re a fantastic manufacturer of real 1911 parts as I have bought and used their products before.

Alistair Hales says:

“there not particularity accurate, they go where you point the gun” 0_o really …


its not particuarly accurate, they go where you point the gun thats about it.

isn’t that accurate?

Raizer Main says:

Does it work with 0,5 joule?

Joe Langley says:

This guy sounds like he wants to kill himself

Tudor Tabacu says:

1:08 did he draw a dick on purpose

Darth Captor says:

I do need to as though, will these be safe to use in a SG Tactical 20mm Grenade Launcher? I’m trying to mod my Tippmann Cronus to have one but I need to make sure the launcher can take these types of BBs first.

lighterfawn40 says:

you sound like eugene from the walking dead lmao

Luke Finlayson says:

what gun is that?

aCostlyManWhoR says:

This would be perfect fill for paintball shotguns, Absolutely awesome.

p2ee2 wa says:

ou are the best artist

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