6mm AIRSOFT Paintballs – Hellfire Paintball Review – CALL YOUR HITS!!!

Testing out the Hellfire Paintballs.
Yes, they are as good as Redwolf Airsoft made em sound!
This ain’t some bull paintballs that break inside your gun causing a mess.
These things are…
Speedloader ready.
AEG ready.
Gas blow back ready.
Al but spring.

In this video I show the use of the Hellfire fired out of the 1928 Tommy gun at 350 FPS. AND a pistol of 300 fps (full auto) No jams, nothing.

Great fun to just shoot around, and more interesting than regular bbs.
And the paint is washable, so no cry babies!
Paintballs say that you can’t see your hits in Airsoft…… Eh, not really! Haha


AH Colton says:

I wonder of I could use these in a paintball match… hmmmmmm

FluffyBoy32 says:

They also have chalk hard coated BB’s that leave a mark on you. I prefer them over paint…No clean up. Just rub off

ChairmanLao says:


No for sure!
I was feeling the price go up when pulling the trigger.
But its nice to have it around.

ChairmanLao says:

Shhhh. I will. lol
Just gotta find a place and to make a box to mark the box. 😀

AceMotoring says:

im just saying for 20 bucks for 500 you might aswell play paintball same price

Arostyle380 says:

2:40 Paintballers get RINSED! Post this to EVERY Paintball retailer, site, Facebook page, EVERYWHERE! Stop living in denial Paintballers, Airsoft HAS EVERYTHING (100%) that Paintball has and can do… + MORE! Stop wasting your money on what is a lot more expensive sport and come to modern realism.

~Doc Arostyle. (;

Joey Christello says:

im pretty sure that people would get pissed off if you got paint on there loudout, but it is sick!

TheUnknown says:

can you give me a name of a cheap airsoft pistol (handgun) that can shoot this please?

AceMotoring says:

@ChairmanLao1911 keep a bottle in your vest and switch out when someones not calling there hits, or do like pump 10-15 bbs in your mag then put like 2 of these and repeat that pattern

Spartan117 says:

Thats badass. Not a practical price but still awesome

ChairmanLao says:

*Clap clap clap* Smart

The Red Shoto says:

cool, have you tried final judgement marker ammo before?

Cody H says:

Those are a really good idea but, even though its washable, I would be pretty pissed if I got hit with those, mainly with my brand new gear on.

ChairmanLao says:

…..You didn’t watch the video, did you?

ChairmanLao says:


Ok dude. You totally missed the point of the video, and these.
No one is going to go and buy a shit load of these and say “hey guys, lets go play!”
No, because mature people call their hits!

ChairmanLao says:


Cheaters and lairs can piss off. =)

AceMotoring says:

@ChairmanLao1911 oh i know i know i was just saying they are really sweet BB’s just a little on the pricey side

josh says:

whats the weight on these??????

TripleU says:

why are paintballers even watching these airsoft videos in the first place?

CW IV says:

I was thinking about getting a paintball gun but now that i watched this video now i can buy those and have both airsoft and paintball gun

Joey Christello says:

@ChairmanLao1911 true! : )

AQUA121497 says:


ChairmanLao says:

LIKE this video if you think Airsoft is better. 😀
Dislike this video if you think Paintball is better.

^Yes. I just went there.


Ýųñģ JÖ-Ž says:

airsoft gun are more powerful but paintballs fuckin hurt mix the two and u have an awesome gun

Jeremy Martinez says:

You know they sell rubberized rounds for paintball, its for training but they are more accurate, also they’ve had them for like 8 years

the friendly dolphin says:

if you shot a guy from the green mountain rangers he would get really angry because he might not know it is washable and think his multi thousand dollar loadout is ruined

Scaly House Productions says:

Haha. Call your hits bitches. That’s the best patch.

ChairmanLao says:


Show me a paintball tommy gun.
I did.

These aren’t meant for paintball paintball.
Its just a little something something for the airsoft peeps.

offensive airsoft says:

how come i find you on every airsoft video?!

MRPANCHO275 says:

So can air soft guns use paint balls?

ChairmanLao says:


No for sure.
But guess what.
Both you and I, call our hits.
no need to use em. 😀

Gamesrock22 says:

use of Terminator music made this video 20% cooler

Manic Demise says:

problems with paintball bb’s

1. mesh goggles
2. the first time one breaks inside your gun, you are fucked. You can say they are sturdy, but it happends.

in my opinion these are pointless because, people whould just call there hits.

Nik The Vegan Welder says:

Imagine paint ball airsoft bbs ha . Paintball cant even coppy airsoft

ChairmanLao says:

Well, I would be pissed as well. Because if somebody out of the blue shot me with paintballs during an airsoft match I’d go “wtf”.
BUT if it was a 6mm paintball battle….GAME ON! lol

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