Cheap Paintballs vs Expensive Paintballs

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We decided to do a Cheap Paintballs vs Expensive paintballs because we want you guys to know what your buying so you know what quality your getting out of your shots. The cheap paintballs tend to be harder and less brittle. You can make it more brittle by refrigerating the paint. Good paint is already more brittle and when doing a drop test the paint cracks.

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Travis the Tractor says:

yo what about monster balls? Are they a good choice for cqb fields? jk lol

Halfblood Bry says:

great video I just have to sub for that.

khris fowler says:

stingers are just for rec balls 

Team KAOS Paintball says:

I recommend graffiti paint

Travy Harrington says:

U guys dont even play competitive so it really dont matter what u guys use for regular play use them of Vulcan graffiti move up get better balls

Nickutam says:

Graffiti is high end Which is the paint I use

Nobody InParticular says:

You need to show the drops and drop them on a sheet of plastic untill they break

Chris Castallo says:


Jordan Hoac says:

All star is complete shit!!!

Andrew Mack says:

Why not show us the drop test

diego carmona says:


weeejheeezy says:

This sounds like a school project video lol

Dustin Bowes says:

17 bucks for 500 isn’t expensive. that’s actually pretty cheap.

Fruit The Dutchie says:

40 dollars you can get 2500 of empire premium

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