Does It Suck? Gen-X Reusable Paintballs Ep. 23 – 4K

Do the Gen-X Z-Balls Suck? Check out this video to find out.

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SGT Joker says:

When ur marker wants to be an mlb pitcher lol

Krenotenze says:

Back in the day these were great for shooting videos and testing markers without having to go to a special area or outside.

Brew Crew414 says:

Yoo that looks so crazy like tracers or sum shit

Vincenzo Nota says:

Its fake i think

miles johnson says:

1 your using a space gun 2 you need to test them in different types of guns not just a speed ball gun try an mag fed gun and a pump a tipx/tcr and your cheep rental guns like come on do your job right

Ratana Karlsson says:



I am 12 and i love paintballing can some one tell me what gun i should buy

Christian Charalambous says:

My local park uses these and there not so bad maybe it’s bc there’s to much power behind but its not so bad

Fett750 says:

I’ve managed to chop one of these in a TiPX. I have a special ability to break everything though

NarsandOrin says:

strange but same with paint not all markers withe all paint likes Hi FPS

Ima Polemicist says:

There is one field in Australia that uses these… And anyone that goes that I’ve met have never been twice…

American_tradegy says:

Idk man ive seen people use these with slingshots and nail me and other poeplw with them

JBake502 says:

Turn your velocity down to 200 fps (never shoot someone with a reball at 300 fps) , mix in the paint from one paintball for every 1000 paintballs and spread around. They will shoot consistent then. My NCPA team used to practice with reballs in a racquetball court on campus. They worked well for us.

Gregory Allison says:

hahaha, you might as well open a nerf field in lieu of shooting these exclusively. Probably better range and accuracy!

Nate S. says:

thanks for reviewing these, I was thinking about buying them before i saw this

John H says:

I would never use these in a game when I’m working on a gun in my town home their great. No mess and I can keep tech’ing away.

Damnrights_ gaming says:

Hey used to run a paintball shop called Mr Paintball in Saskatoon there for a while we had three balls in our indoor field they weren’t too bad pain in the ass picking them up at the end of every round if you weren’t careful he would pick them up put them back in their gun and end up jamming their guns with rocks other stops and other stuff speedball guns had problem shooting them at a high faster rate at least for me accuracy wasn’t too bad with ours the most fun you can have with them was shooting them off the wall and getting a rebound shot my verdict yay or nay I give my yay good investment for practicing and I finally hurt a little less than a paintball especially when you’re roughing a game

Jacques Grove says:

Your range is going a mess after a week. You will never find all of them, and they will keep popping up in nooks and crannies. Not environmentally friendly for open air / bush ranges either.

KUSH Godd says:

Can you do a does it suck for first strike sniper rounds

HipHopPB says:

The next does it suck should be on the new G.I. Sportz Menace pistol

Darin Conley says:

Shoot em at 230 they don’t do that as much.

spiders conquest says:

I use a rubber version for target practice

Aaron F says:

Try them without the rotor and use a very small bore barrel. The rotor compresses them too much so it’s like shooting a squished ear plug

TheHed94 says:

I played with these a few games here in Prague and they are okay… its not that bad tho 😀 It is cheaper than regular paintball because these fields with these reusable paintballs they just charge money for entry and equipment, not each ball… so you can truly fire as much as you want and everytime just fill whole loader.

Matt Beechener says:

sooo…. pistol ammo. got it.

BlackRiderPB says:

You’re fav meme?

Anthony Costa says:

I actually have them they are fun to shot but a killer to clean
Mine are accurate I think it depends on the type u buy

Brad Sachs says:

You should check out sellswords’ paintball balistic knife

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