Does it Suck? – Goblies Ep. 7

Do paintball Goblies Suck? Check out this video to find out.

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Yummy Noob says:

Shot it out of a paintball gun

khang says:

where u guys find this kind of product lol and who in the hell have time to invent these products lol

Paintball mag says:

250 cal Paintball confirmed

Jordyn Reed says:

the box looks like the directions actually said to “freeze stuff and microwave stuff and dip things in other things” XD

Jorge Martinez Tellez says:

Spyder victor does it suck

TronChris Vs Gaming says:

I wanna watch those 3 hours tbh

AceRapidGamer says:

Defcon please awnser this

What if u were to sling shot the goblies then would u be able to use it in a match

Cameron Cook says:

Can you shoot these in an tippmann a5

Christopher Capps says:


Jackson Sanny says:

Do a goblin solo

TheBushMaster says:

or you could just use some rained on spilled paintballs. That takes 3 minutes instead of 3 hours and its free

Hi Pineapple says:

It’s just agar agar and salt

Diego Godoy says:

Does it suck! brass eagle, jt raptor! Go Go Go

Antonio Deynes says:

Enjoy the series but I got a question. If you were able to find enough stuff for “Does It suck” would you do a “battle royal”? Not serious testing unless a test of what’s the best out of all but something abit silly. Have a person run around with those, the bow and a gun just see who can last. But that’s more of a screw around.

Kayla Wutzke says:

Just saw these at micheals crafts. They sell them premade in a bag now. It’s be fun to see you test those.

Atris Twothirteen says:

thumb up for “rapscallions”

Benny Games says:

do a gtek 160r review if you havnt yet

Andres Grave says:

Why would you waste your time making those if you could just buy a bag of evil or hellfire and have 500 throwabel paintball?

RawT TirustheVyrus says:

Can we see the empire defender in action?

Norm Fernandez says:

Here comes the pain train!!!!!!!!!!!

NoahDBoss says:

Do the JT E-Kast! Its electro… but only $60! Wierd

Kodie Miller says:

Do a does it suck of the tip x pistol

•Dude Rekkit106 says:

Do a does it suck cheap Walmart cereal

Janine Comrie says:

These could be used as grenades


Imagine using that for living legends lol

Yakkers says:

I would have loved to see a supercut of the process of making these things

The Archangel says:

can you guys paint the back drop wall,its hard to see what’s on the table. maybe paint the Defcon logo or something. waiting for more vids.

Kaleb Davidson says:

U said they were eatable

Brian D says:

Do the Xploderz toys like the Mayhem.

Tommy says:

Wonder if they would work well in my G5

Enrique Gutiérrez Flores says:

Goblies but with a slingshot, missed opportunity here 🙁

Foxtrot says:

Do paint grenades! I requested last episode and got 10 likes! You got to do it we all want to know

B Pro says:

i am 9 and that was rily cool.

Suckmyballz Gameplays says:

This is such a stupid product lol

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