Dye CG Paint balls Review

Review on the Dye Paint balls. Talk about key point regarding these paintballs


Luke Quichocho says:

Rps stinger breaks every time I drop it. I’m 5’4

Sothasilenium says:

Monster ball Dye style.

Jason Wright says:

a lot of people are going with a invert 2 and just a fiber tank one with a reg that you can adjust

lkmachines says:

I saw someone using this at a paintball field and i was scared i have to admit. I wish people would see this review to know how painful it is :/

Tom says:

Hey jason what kind of tank and hopper would u suggest for a dangerous power g5 i just got it and i havent shot it yet.

Shane Ramos says:

Pure bronze paint breaks at 5 ft drop and is really nice

Jason Wright says:

I know. We noticed it after the video was done. We wanted to make sure that every one saw us open the paint bags.

Alex Holguin says:

this is my favorite paint to shoot

Jason Wright says:

Yrs the price is to high. For this so called level of paint it show pop from around 4 feet drop test and every ball should pop

Jason Wright says:

Every batch of stinger out where I live is always hard as a rock

dirtyunderwear97 says:

Thanks man for giving us an honest review!!!

JB Paintball says:

I don’t like Dye products. Sure it all looks cool but I can buy Valken or Empire stuff for cheaper and paint wise I think Marbalizer takes the cake.

DyeingPlanetEmpire says:

Hahaha so true

Nappyhead says:

jason what do you think of the draxxus midnight paintballs. could you do a review on them please

Jason Wright says:

The wony sense it is made by Dye

ronnt says:

Ultra evil is the best..even in winter

pntdblack says:

I recently used a box of grafiti and they kicked butt, The store i go to gave me a good price on them too! Let me know what you think of those Jason?

Jason Wright says:

Valken graffiti is great paint. I love shooting that stuff

Jason Wright says:

i will say wait, there are around 5 new markers coming out around june. the dm12 is the only gun that does not have a oled and geo is okay but i did not like the way they shoot

Billy McConnell says:

1:39 “G.I. Muslims”

gamboa1997 says:

Haha I noticed you said gi muslums instead of gi milsim.

YourGatcom says:

If the paint ships lcl it is not shipped temp controlled. and if it came directly Off the truck and to you it’s not going to be acclimated

master420148 says:

Dye makes Monster ball NOW ? Ok……

Bazinga808 says:

I agree with this review. At my shop it is only $60 but i felt that it is $20 paint in $40 dollar packaging. As far as actually shooting It does fly straight but only breaks on hard surfaces such as marker setup, mask, and dome. The fill is nice it is not as thick as evil but the is a high volume of it. Bottom line I’ll take the reusable bags after your done but you can keep the paint.

LO LO says:

All u pay for is the dye brand name. They are able to get away with it because they’re name is dye paintball. Top of the market. They have no excuse to make shitty paint

lkmachines says:

Is it harder than Spectrum?

Jason Wright says:

Thank you. The big thing that I am running into is every one thinks it has to be great due to the name.

Jason Wright says:

Now that is a funny comment

Jason Wright says:

I wish I got the box that you did. The worst thing bout paintball is once you get a bad taste from a product then its hard to try that product again

RazerArtz says:

hey jason what gun would be best for efficiency, smooth and quiet: Etek4, Ego7, Dangerous Power FX?

Ronin PB says:

G.i. Muslim paint? never heard of it. 1:40

William Gallardo says:

JASON need your opinion once again bro! Currently own a g5 was thinking about buying another gun…not to sure on what yet kind of looking into a geo 2.1 or maybe a DM12 any thoughts on either marker maybe even another marker which blows these 2 out of the water! Dont have a whole lot of cash so cant really purchase these 1.200 plus dollar guns.

Rex Wilhelm says:

Dye CG is may favorite paint and i’ve shot a lot of paint. This paint has the best packaging and is most accurate paint i’ve ever shot. My only tip if you buy this paint is to keep it in a cooler when you are on the field, if you keep the paint cold it breaks great. and for 55$ a box on ANS Gear this product is a steal. If you don’t believe me try it for your self.

hectorgarza777 says:

I personally used Dye CG paint at PSP Dallas not too long ago. I can not explain how well this paint shot, how straight it flies, and how brittle it was at the event (even in 80 degree weather). I can honestly say this is some of the best paint I have ever shot in my life, and given that I’ve shot from plenty of tournament grade paints to the low-end beginner paint. I respect your opinion about this paint, but I would still like to recommend this paint to any other players out there. 🙂 Thanks!

Jason Wright says:

If you want quiet and smooth go for a alien invasion. Efficiency is around the same most marker will get you 7 – 12 pods.

Pk trengereid says:

Dye is the best paint!

Oscar Cano says:

You are my favorite paintball reviewer or anything paintball great job!

Jason Wright says:

100 % correct

Nick Lubbers says:

I got some of these and they shot great looked nice but it took me three drops to get one to break and the price is crazy!!

OskarasNausėda says:

atleast is not monsterballs

lkmachines says:

Oh ok by the way don’t apologise at the end for being honest, one of the reasons why i like your reviews is how you’re honest in your opinion 🙂

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