Dye CG Paintball Shooting

In the video we do a drop test and shoot the paint has well. Paint is 69.95 a box. The paint bore size is 688 and the fill is a yellow.


skatermentalll says:

You just got a new subscriber

California Kid fishing says:

Hole shit way to much

killerhippo10 says:

way to much for paint imo, but then again dye is basically the apple of paintball, so not surprising

econ5catcat says:

Dear jason, if you havent already done a video of this could you do a video reviewing a case of jt stinger. the stuff you get at walmart. there has been some arguments going on at my local field that since its made by rps that its still good but others say its walmart paint and i shouldnt waste my money on it. what should i do?


Great Clip! I like it!

CheezyYogurt says:

If I spent money on these paintballs, I wouldn’t drop them in the dirt, I’d put them on velvet pillows to keep them safe

Juan Nunez says:

cancel freaking awesome

Lyssa Bangs says:

That is a cool pantball gun!!!!!!!!

xXFrenchyXx says:

I always thought the test was 8 feet drop? Am I wrong?

gerardo torres says:

Can I have your pantball gun

Jason Wright says:

It is dyetanium. I know I missed spelled it. The lens look and are great but they scratch very easy

DeadPoolTheBuilder says:

It would probably be like 60 total without that fancy box

Jake Wagner says:

what a waste. kids in Africa could have eaten those paintballs

Jacob Fradella says:

Good paint high price

Cameron Fassett says:

jason I just turned 11 and i got the dp g5 blue. right out of the box i pumped up my tank to 60psi and it had a small leak coming from the top of the trigger adjusters. i don’t know if thats where its coming from but is where the hiding is coming from. i turned the wraps asa off and on and right away it started leaking air from the barrel. please tell me how to fix it. thank you for your time and if needed we can Skype and ill show you whats happening. thx bye I’m a sub btw. nice vids to.

Justin garcia says:

Possible to do some other high name brand like evil or ultra. I don’t see many on YouTube.

ConFluence says:

If you watch other drop tests all the balls break

John Meyers says:

Expensive paint

Radamsgp007 says:

I agree with TheMMPaintball. I shot it in a CPL event at CPX the week after Chicago and it shot straight and was very brittle. That is crazy how they didn’t break for you at all.

AssassinLeader17 says:

And this is also why Dye stopped making the CG paint…..Great review!

Ryan Winter says:

I live in new york and i pay 80 dollars per case of premium

ConFluence says:

Every video you do is single sided.

Daniel Kuc says:

What kind of gun were you using

shottiewarrier3 says:

Can’t shoot with eclipse will keep breaking

santiago flores says:

9 balls!!

Paul Tabet says:

probably would be good for the woods instead of speedball? like pure woods ball? so if the ball hits like a branch it would not break until it his a real hard surface? i dont know ur the paintball pro here lol

cody feret says:

I use mainly dye stuff guns, paint, clothing, mask, etc and I have used the dye cg in the dam an dm13 and I will try it out in my 14 as well and the only time this paint is good is in the summer time I have talked to a dye rep about this paint an even he said the paint is crap in the winter.


dude ur voice is so high when u get close to u

John Toth says:

Dude, you should just delete this video. Dye CG is the best paint on the Market. Maybe you should watch PSP tournaments and see that almost every team uses CG. It is by FAR. the best paint on the market.

Sah Nah says:

dude i love your vids keep up the good work. I agree your hand was like shaking just to break the paint. Defiantly not worth the money, Walmart probably sells better paint.

vnandez3758 says:

it’s just like monster ball

NNXGen says:

Really enjoyed the video, you have earned a new subscriber!

J Reed says:

when i shoot real guns i dont wear body armor

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