Empire Paintballs – Review

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I8urmom Last night says:

“Hard like a brick” That’s what she said!

Silverado4x4 says:

Do you or anyone know if this company makes paintball that red and pink with pink paint in it? Also I think Walmart sales them. I live next to Walmart and I think some kids stole some paintballs from there because I found about 5 in my driveway glad they didn’t shoot any at my house. I come here just to see what paintballs look like I had never saw one before. If so someone probably stole your product I think as they ran they dropped some.

clorox bleach says:


Tony H. says:

Wouldnt the polar ice be softer and easier to break in warm weather? its formulated not to freeze and stay liquid at colder temps, which means it will become less viscous, and the casing will become softer at higher temps…

stupiddumbtard79 says:

polar ice goes ok through a dam with Box rotor. the field was out of graffiti so it was either polar ice or a tournament grade paint which I heard does not work with a dam and box rotor. thankfully at that field all hits count because polar ice doesn’t want to break at certain temperatures.

Acc0rd79 says:

Damn, I’ve been gone so long from the game that even the companies have changed hands once again. I remember when they were Diablo!

jojomaloni the jew says:

my paintball course only uses the final 2 but they have different sizes

YvesCs says:

can jou send it at Holland

Rico Telles says:

Just wanted to thank Rory and ANS Gear for everything you do for the sport of paintball. I had been playing for four years before discovering ANS and I must say I have gained a wealth of knowledge on equipment, apparel, accessories and the paintball world in general since I started following you. Thank you!!

side note:
suggestions for Empire paint

Heat- practice only, the shells are hard to break and are painful to get hit by.

Formula 13- recball, milsim, woodsball, practice.

Premium- recball, airball, speedball and tournament play. awesome paint in general, like Rory said would not be great in the brush so not good for woodsball or milsim.

Marballizer- awesome paint, does not store well for longer than a few months. Extremely brittle, recommended for only guns with a soft front bolt (most mid to high end guns) This paint is very expensive and I would recommend only for tournament but nothing is stopping you from successfully using it the same as you would the premium paint.

Happy Hunting!! I hope this helps someone out!!

Jon Ellis says:

Was really only interested in Marbalizer. Oh well i guess. interesting videos anyway.

Blackflag Sultan says:

what would u say is better, valken infinity or empire heat ?

TexasGForce says:


Denver Ranger says:

DXS Basic Training????

stupiddumbtard79 says:

valken paintball review please

Fr0st B1tes says:

2nd comment

Wdavis47 says:

Really like these videos about the paint

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