First Strike Rounds vs .68 Paintballs

A demonstration of the accuracy differences between the Tiberius First Strike Round vs the .68 paintball. 10 shots of both the first strike and .68 paintballs at a human torso target at 30 yards. Test conducted with a Tiberius T15 fitted with a 14 inch J&J ceramic barrel. If you like the video please subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos


Pat Best says:

First Strikes are not only more accurate than standard paintballs, but they also have roughly double the effective range thanks to being more aerodynamic.
Basically a mag-fed first strike marker can accurately shoot at players way before they can even shoot back with any chance of hitting.

JsparksPB says:

I’m a speedballer and want to get a pistol, will fields let you bring first strike rounds in because it’s not their paint and do they fit in a pistol mag as easy as .68 paintballs ?? Thanks

Collin Whitman says:

How is your gun so quiet

Christopher Butcher says:

what scope do you have thinking of getting a spyder mr6

Alexandre de Boucherville says:

Thanks for the Content. Subd. Also I saw a youtube video that confirmed hits on a tree at 60 meters using first strike. However the T15 was a custom build and chronosed.

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

how about Tippman Flatline barrel with first strike rounds?

Kc Warren says:

Do you stick a regular paintball inside of the first strike round?

MrMb15 says:

This is so lame. How did i get here

Kirky753 says:

What was the range you were shooting at? (distance)

Sharpbear says:

Can you put .68 paintballs into a first strike mag?

spence brooks says:

what mags are you running?

Aaron Sergeant says:

Those First Strike have a very distinctive thud when they hit…  compared to .68…  same for when you get hit by one…  cool vid man… thanks

Jovanii Hernandez says:

thanks just got me a t15 so now ik What to order

Kamuela Pililaau says:

can i turn my tipman cronus into mag fed

Nate Karg says:

If you don’t like it you can kiss my ass!  Fucking Awesome! Love the video!

Raxius says:

Gotta remember the fire rate is a lot higher on the speedball markers, though first strikes probably have better range

TB - 1497 says:

NO MASK!!!!!!!!

sean strickland says:

“Militia friends” lol hell ya, me and my buddies shoot 223 all day at paper targets, it gets boring lol

dpreetam says:

good on you for the mask comment. Made me laugh.

Andrew Mannett says:

Anyone that does target range shooting with a mask is a fool. A paintball isn’t going to hurt you if you’re the one shooting with comment sense.

I AM says:

You need to keep the camera on the target while shooting..makes a better video.

Brandon Agcaoili says:

if i had a dollar everytime this guy said uh

johnny nielsen says:

good video i m though disapointet with the first strike paint when you look a the price diffrence i dont feel the are word it, get to know you gun and you can have very good accuracy would round paint

williamandgrace4ever says:

i would like to see the accuracy difference between the .68 and First strike through a rifled barrel

SixFootDworf says:

I am new to paintball, and want to get a tippmann cause they make very friendly beginer guns, i have $400 and a vest and mask. Any suggestions? I am thinking bout getting the tippmann tmc cause i prefer magfed over hopper fed.

Mag Fed Ops says:

shame the T15 doesn’t have a regulator. You’d probably get a lot more accuracy with regular paintballs…

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