GI Sportz Paintballs – Review

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Manchester Paintball Arena says:

One star is the best fill for any indoor site, the only paint we have used in 8 years which doesn’t make the floor slippy.

Member Berry says:

The legend says Asian Andy is still tanking paintball shots…

stupiddumbtard79 says:

could you do more of these videos on paint and it’s specs. great info. my box rotor is hard on paint.

Aur Bag says:

where is the valken paint at

firebirdude2 says:

Should have squeezed them between your fingers and given us an opinion on how easily it breaks.

AirDynamicZ says:

What would be good for the new dye m2? Or I guess any dm’s

sad&obsessed says:

awesome! please do Empire !

John Knapp says:

is there going to be a review for Empire paintballs?


Local field I bought 2star case, hella dimpled. Tough to shoot straight. spend the extra $5 for 3star. I will next time. sucks to shoot curveballs all day out of a nice marker.

pappu meena says:

pappu meena

Khaleed Ballim says:

Great review Rory!! I never had a problem with GI paints once… Can you please do an Empire Paintball review soon. Thanks

iTz Command says:

Yall need to try the ultra evil….

Stamati Damalos says:

will they shoot good threw luxe and planet eclipse?? whats good hoppers its good with??

H.Cruzz10 says:

So is this the best paint to purchase?

Dig says:

Anyone know a good jersey/ pad cover that is good for a intermediate paintball player?

Jim Keef says:

Will 3 star be good with a Luxe or should I get 4 star?

Tech Reviews says:

I forgot the winter paint

jaybajan says:

Does @ANSgearpaintball, have Zap paintblls?

xmrythem says:

our local field started ordering GI 1 – 3. I’ve had massive issue with all of them. Terrible quality. I’ve been very unhappy.

Tyler Nuss says:

that’s the paint my field uses

Ryan Michael says:

how does the GI field paint compare to these? my local field only offers the field paint

Denver Ranger says:

please o review on all valken paint!!!!!!!!!

Brandon Williams says:

Why do you review paint

Steven Arnold says:

which would you recommend to shoot gi 5 star or valken redemption in a dye dam

jamesont33 says:

Ugh. Every bag of 1 and 2 star that I’ve shot has had nothing but completely dimpled paintballs. Even the non dimpled ones flew in every direction. The 3 star is actually alright, though. I’ve had decent experience with that. Haven’t tried 4 or 5 star, but I’ve heard they’re actually pretty good.

FPR says:

For magfed markers is advised to go with thicker shells, so should 1 pick 1 star? I have a milsig m17

Ville Fornbacke says:

If you haven’t done it already do valken paint.

Dante Casarini Drumming says:

Can you ship to Italy?

yamster88 says:

Worst paint ever. Horrible accuracy and what a mess……why shoot anything else but valken graffiti?? 1 star or 5 star this crap is all the same…gives the player a horrible experience

Connor Finn says:

Shitty field paint for 2000 balls cost 6 more than the gi paint

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