How Paintballs Are Made by HK Army

HK Army Reveals how paintballs are made! Watch Mr. H craft the secret formula behind HK Army Paintballs. HK Army Paint available world wide. Shop and learn more at:

Filmed & Edited by: Nicholas Pineda
Starring: Mark Kressin
Song: Rogue & Tristam – ReWel


sebastian perez says:

Ok guys hk paint is made out of bananas and a battery and some Red Bull, sounds good

Ezekiel Duvall says:

what is that song

BD Paintball says:

this is the cringiest paintball add I’ve ever seen.

Super says:

I’m surprised Qmto hasn’t made a parody of this with Monster Ball.

Dade Fuller says:

Was that a banana?

belleepoque777 says:

Tried this, blender broke.

Sorrel says:

explains why the paint is so shitty

DrHankVenture says:

I see that I’m a year behind, but judging from the music, it seems that these should come with some Mountain Dew and Doritos.

asakaz says:

Ugh this music is so bad i had to turn my volume down

Preston says:

This is probably why their paint is so bad

Max Mason says:

Wonder how empire paintballs are made…..

Sea says:

Mr. H signed my graduation gown XD… truly the weirdest request

Dalton&Dottie Nissan 370z fairlady says:

a banana LMFAO

pukusNK says:

Looks like Shawn Dale Bovee is back to making GHB.

leche valero says:

fucking crazy but i like it

Haden Hiebert says:

KLR’s make a nice goggle frame…. Potential HK Army Moto/Snow goggles in the near future??

brnsktingdieskting18 says:

Jesus christ its like every video is a dubstep promo.

Datpbplaya 52 says:

I have been shooting bananas

Lazermemes Bleach Tastes Good says:

a new all time low for sellout army creating the douchebag persona for paintball way to raise the tool bag bar

Jesse Ames says:


RockstarJustin says:

And a pinch of cocaine

K1NG says:

No wonder why they shoot so good

Da Coconut says:

Makes sense

Tommy Deliso says:

Cool video,
Shit music

kustomTooth says:

That is the dirtiest encapsulator I’ve ever seen! That being said the Exclusive paint shoots pretty good! I use it during MFOG events in my dye dam. That shit is so damn brittle. If a magazine falls on the ground it’s done for. That shit breaks at knee high!

SoCal Zoom Cam says:

This video is epic.

Gnarlyygaming says:

Isn’t this guy a professional snowboarder? From the Grenade snowboard team?

Monstrex says:

Was I supposed to take something before watching this

collin G says:

mouth was open too much. other than that it was entertaining

SAV Jordan says:

well that’s one way to do it

Aidan Brown says:

Ok it’s not that exciting they just put paint in some plastic shit hahaha

Nathan 6996 says:

Can I use a rotor if I don’t have a blender?

1w155 Classroom says:

Thought he was making his Breakfast for a sec…

CK_32 says:

So sikkkk!

Chaz Karr says:

Hk army: “sorry guys for the mixup. We accidentally let mr h into our actual factories so if you find mustard or prices of banana in your paint for the next few months, you can ship it back for a full refund.”

Paintball Enthusiast says:

What the fuck did I just watch

MisterAxeMan says:

This is accurate.

tolanjE says:


Colby Cartwright says:

Mr. h is crazy yall

LivingStarDust says:

WARNING: Lots of drugs were used in the making of this video.

Jon Smith says:

someone had a little too much fun with After Effects it would seem…

Grin3games says:


Timothy Allen says:

I would love to see commercials like this on regular t.v. one day.

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