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My name is Mike Peverill. I’m here at Pev’s Paintball Park in Aldie, Virginia. I’ve been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I’ve played professional paintball with numerous pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime.

A lot of people ask me all the time, how come some paint costs 40 bucks a case, and some costs 80 bucks a case? And there is a big difference in the quality of paintballs. What people don’t understand is paintballs being made by food gelatins, similar to a Vitamin E capsule. They are biodegradable, and they’re affected by the environment. So, humidity, for example, moisture, heat. You know, that all affects the quality of the paintball. So, when I tell people the curing process for the paintball, the longer the curing process, typically, you’re gonna have a better quality paintball. So obviously, that’s why the cost goes up. And also some of the ingredients inside the paintballs. Some paintballs have more starch and less of some of the other ingredients. But the starch is the cheaper ingredient. And some have oil in them, similar to fry grease, for example. So it all depends on what you want. A really hard paintball that you find in these stores in these buckets. The reason why they hurt, and the reason why they’re no good is because, you know, the ingredients in them are sub-par. So, at our paintball facility, for years, I worked in the manufacturing industry for paintball as well. And I understand what it takes to make paintballs. And our paintballs here at Pev’s Paintball are custom-made, based on the blends that I choose, that works for Pev’s Paintball and the environment we’re in. I want a great experience. I don’t want the ball to break in the gun, so you gotta have a blend. In order to get that right blend, it costs a little bit more. So based on the ingredients that’s used to make our brand of paintballs. So basically, what happens, is we take the paint, and, you know, we work with the paintball manufacturer to make the paint blend that works for us. If it works well coming out of our rental guns, so it never breaks. ‘Cause remember, paint coming out of a rental gun, if it comes out broken every time, like a spray can, the customer’s not gonna have a good time. They’re not gonna wanna come back. I need them to have an enjoyable experience. So I went them to have the best grade paint they can. But at the same time, they’re not gonna spend 80 bucks on a case of paint for some high-end stuff. They’re gonna want to spend a little bit less. So, it all varies on what you’re doing. So, you need to go to a quality paint. But, like, if you’re playing in a tournament. Like, playing in a professional paintball tournament, those guys use a paint that’s so brittle, that you just drop it 1 time on the ground, it won’t even bounce, it breaks. But it’s working in guns that they’re designed to use, which are these high end-guns that cost $1000 that have low pressure. This paint is like the combination in between. So if you want the right paint, pick a paint that’s gonna fit your ball size to the barrel, and also pick a good paint that’s gonna last in the environment. The heat, humidity, and something that’s not too hard, that’s not gonna break.


2002TV says:

they are a good size for my gun

Nike Bubble says:

Cool ilove paintball

Silverado4x4 says:

Wow did not realize there was that many different types of paintballs and guns. I think they should make the paintball guns different color some of the ones on the back wall look like real guns which I be afraid some kid or anyone get shot by cops or someone else scared it real assault rifle.

FriskeyXBacon says:

I NEED SOME HELP!!! every time i fire my Piranha e-force GTI a ball explodes in it! should i get a electronic hopper or get different paint??? please HELP!!! i got a game in a week!!! (and yes i know im a noob! but ive loved paintball since my first time!)

MattCej says:

Haha, wrong buddy. Show me a better marker for $70 bucks. It’s cheap, but it ain’t a piece of shit. Not by a longshot. I bought one and put a 14″ CP barrel on it with a Proto Primo hopper and a HPA tank, and it’s a damn good gun. Know what you’re talking about before you spew some BS.

爆乳聖人 says:

If paint keeps breaking in your barrel
You’re gonna have a bad time

Salty Dingell Barry says:

I love that place

Davidbanana7 says:

and it’s super unaccurate

Patrick Lima says:

no its not in any state. it only becomes an issue when you ruin others property

Thomas Williams says:

those are peices of shit

TheDankCow says:

What paint do you recommend for a azodin 2

w3llplayed says:

Why cant people just stop being jerks to the other sport? I’m a airsoft player, yet i watch paintball games and i think paintball looks real fun. Why do people have to be fucking jerks and be like AIRSOFT SUCKS AND IS GAY or PAINTBALL SUCKS AND IS GAY. Just shut the fuck up.



Aiden Wills says:

The problem with pevs is that a case is 80$…

Hops says:

I came here before. I might come tomorrow on the fourth of January 2014. It was fun though.

Davidbanana7 says:

lol, yeah

Dre All day 15 says:

This is my local field

Warlord says:

Now I keeping seeing these people go back and forth about what is better airsoft is better no paintball is better do airsoft do paintball the way I have looked at it for how long I’ve been in the sports is that they are both equally good but to me they are equally hard and they both hurt like a tiny fist just punched you in the chest or some place else but to me they are both equally good but airsoft has a larger Varity of guns but paintball its harder to cheat because you can see where it hit somebody but airsoft people can just say that the person missed and that the bb bounced off but I could list the reasons why one is better than the other but its to much of a drag and would make me seem like a complete jerk so to sum it up both are fun and both hurt there end of story. 

Casey Taylor says:

do you live in I want going to come over and get some paint ball

jacob cowart says:

Is Empire Spectrum any good

Felipe Taikeff says:


Harry Kane says:

the word “paintball” is startin to sound real weird now

spartan8181 XBL says:

Hey that dude ho ask he need help withe his paintball gun if it is electronic gun then you youse a electronic hopper

mafiahalo93 says:

ok let me tell u this u think freezesing paint make it faster or harder that is not true when u freezes it make the shell extreamly brittle and will shatter in barrel or breach like i buy ultra evil and Evil type paint and the night before i go play i put the in the refrigerator to make them a lil more brittle so i have a higher chance of breaking on someone im shooting this is the problem people think frezzing paint will hurt more ITS NOT TRUE ik cause i played for 8+ years

CakeGaming says:

Can you buy paintball guns to denmark?

Matthew Landry says:

Different paint. An electronic hopper will only make you shoot faster. Also I love your emblem

Papalareis says:

A case of paint at my field is $80.

gp680 says:

:50 raising his gun up like that “stupid!”

jan jansen says:

im using zero balls

reddeada7x56 says:

thats actually a myth the more frozen ur paintballs are the less accurate

Joe The Juggalo says:

what brand paint would you suggest for woodsball for a tippmann 98 custom? Im a budget baller so I don’t want to spend $80 for a box but I’m not going to buy the cheap Walmart or sport store paintballs either. a few people suggested to me GI 1&2 star paint.

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