HOW TO STOP BREAKING PAINTBALLS?! – Rap4 Anti Chop Lok-Bolt Field Review

Aaron and Aj test out the anti chop Lok-Bolt adapter by Rap4 for the T68 marker. Check out the results and how the Lok-Bolt prevents paintballs from jamming in the chamber.
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Best Laughs NA says:

PLS review THe T68 Gen 7.

ingvarjedi says:

How many approximately it is possible to shoot time on a Air Tankr, which in a bull stock?

ToddTiede says:

Around 100 to 150 rounds or in mag terms around 5 to 7 mags. The co2 tank shoots more shots than compressed air bit it is not as good for the gun.

MO23 says:

That really nices!

Ohmi Cyde says:

A likely reason the ball got caught in the barrel is because the bore size of the paint used is too big for the bore of the barrel.

Matt says:

what a firefight lol

GhettoArtKing says:

So the anti chop bolt is a waste of money cause clearly u still chopped paint.. loved the little retarded side to side thing u guys did at the end..

Rickie C says:

I have that same Chest Rig, and I can’t get it as snug as yours! D:

ToddTiede says:

No it only works for the T68 and 468 but the 468 comes with the gen 2 lok-bolt already installed.

Jackson W says:

Why don’t you review the t68?

Monsalve says:

Rap4 t68 splitfire dual feed

azntactical says:

i like the realsim of it. i use it and like it. its like if you were shooting a real gun and have a jam or run out of ammo…then you would hear a click and have to charge the handle back…

Darrell Leon says:

Can you put this on the tacamo kit for the X7?

steven ratte says:

I love mine. I have had it for the summer now and works great. It has taken some of the pain of miss feeds away.

Doc. Omally says:

frostbite is usually shit iv had nothin but problem with that stuff

Aye Run says:

Hell yes! More modernintel!!

Monsalve says:

Guys can u plz do a review on rap4 splitfire dual feed plz

Randall weir says:

When r u going to make more videooos. MAKE MORE VIDEEOOOOOS!

Armando Terrazas says:


R3ckl3ssRunn3r says:

winter paint in the summer. thats why it broke. like me and my friends with diablo heat in the spring. are guns turned to blenders

Blook says:


russcpb says:

As cool as this is functionally I think the new Milsigs are going to blow Rap4 out of the water.

McLeanBurlock says:

So it doesn’t work? Or it does?

ModernIntel says:

yes, but then you fire a shot, which waste some air. Over time those blank shots add up.

Nigel K says:

T68 should just come with this standard!

Vanja Todoric says:

you say “basically” way to much

s-hop91 says:

I see, Seems a little useless since if you fire a shot with no ball it has a distinct different note.

ModernIntel says:

It will definitely conserve air if you ever happen to shoot when your magazine empties and you don’t know about it. A couple screws to remove and replace the breach, probably about 20 minutes.

s-hop91 says:

Have you guys actually seen if it does conserve more air? And is it an easy conversion?

ToddTiede says:

No it works, the balls that broke broke in the barrel but not in the breach.

TheOrdep1976 says:

Am yeah half a face

s-hop91 says:

Look anywhere into Tiberius or the TiPX line of pistols from tippmann

cChan says:

How come you didn’t put a hand guard on it?

Armando Terrazas says:

what about that ball that fell out when it clicked when you pulled the may out in the beginning

Rocky Mountains says:

how did he put that light on the side of his dye i4

Nathan Yu says:

can you do the review of the Milsig M17 XDC. I stucke between the 468 and M17XDC

Chrisenthran says:

Aaron, someones been hitting the gym huh? hahaha. good on ya mate.

BrooCave says:

Thats why you use the old school hopper!!!

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