How To Store Paintballs, Azodin Blitz III Upgrades and Masks For Big Heads – Paintball QT

Tristan Doucette – What would be the best way to store paint to make it last?

Armando Chairez – #pbqt new to paintball, bought the blitz 3 as a starter, is there any way to upgrade these guns? If not what would be a good step up? something more quiet?

Mitchell J – What mask would you recommend to someone with a big head?

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Rowdy Goose says:

What is better a Spyder Fenix or a Blitz 3

SnPe_Skinzy says:

The grillz arent to bad for big head also and there not expensive

spiders conquest says:

Got a new marker. The alpha black. Got the base gun here in a few days gonna bitch it out

yinglish119 says:

Lurker 1 piece $30 is the best barrel you can buy. They are on a limited run right now.

Mark CQ says:

#PBQT Brad, how do paintball sponsorships work? Got picked up by a D3 team and not sure how it works.

Full Auto says:

Thanks for this video , I have been back into paintball after to many years without it , I have been using a lot of my old gear that I kept with exception of a new gun . My mask is a empire events one of the early ones made , and this reminded me of how important a mask is cause like you said you wear it all day long . Well I hate my mask and like your question time . Thanks pbrml

Ashraven PB says:

How long are the Ninja 50/4500 tanks? Are thy longer or shorter than 13ci tanks?

chasesf1 says:

Get a zero system for the blitz! Less kick less pressure a little quieter

Andy Vie says:

#paintballquestiontime great mech guns around $300-$400

Jcmontes 2003 says:

Hey Brad!! I have question, would you recommend wearing a cup to protect your ( stuff ) to paintball

Tommy Tuomaala says:

How are paintballs s shipped out from the factory? Does the truck use tempered compartment or does oneside get heated by the sun as the other Side stays consistent in the shade?

Liam Lynch says:

I keep my paint in a back pack style cooler and rotate and shake them a bit in the caddy. Unopened bags get rolled and flipped. I end up using them within 2 weeks to a month so they don’t sit for long.

maxxon99 says:

I have a big head and masks I’ve found good are JT Flex7, Empire eFlex and Virtue VIO Extend (NOT the Contour).

xCGNx InFusE says:

Should I get the Dye DSR? Or should I spend the extra money to get the Dye M2? Have the money for both but can’t tell which to get

Dany James says:

Hi, great channel! XD You recommend a lot the mini gs for $350, so I was wondering, for a tall guy, would you still prefer the mini gs over the axe or what other paintball gun should I consider? what do you think of the tippmann x7 phenom?

River Johnson says:

I have a big head ( a head that is so big that Under Armor stoped making hats in my size), and I have the Virtue Extend and the only time it was uncomfortable was when I tightened down the strap to much

paintslinger 104 says:

great vid brad. my son has that exact gs. sweet marker.

Tommy Deliso says:

Apparently my curly hair is cool in paintball

Alfredo Szarata says:

Hi. I just bought an Axe 2.0 but because of economic reasons i cant buy right now an electronic hopper. What do you think of using gravity loaders (at least for some time) on electronic guns like the axe 2.0 or etha 2?

Julie Cope says:

#PQT: What is the difference between a normal large bag, and a paintball bag?

BD Productions says:

What is the best type of paintball for the average player

Colts C10 's says:

I like when you say it’s paintball question time instead of that intro. Love the vids otherwise!

xAerialx says:

I’ve been absent from Paintball since 2006/7, played tournaments back then with the first EGO PE made. Now i wanna get back into it and looked at current markers. I like PE and MacDev but some of the markers are kinda “old” or just refreshed versions of older models. When will they most likely release new markers? Will they be shown or even available at World Cup in Paris? (because i remember a friend buying the first ETEK in Paris) #PBQT

B. R. says:

Store paint in a cooler in a controlled environment.

subzone9 says:

Are there and paintball clothes that offer protection in sensitive areas for girls and women? Maybe garments that are cut to compensate for feminine body shapes? My wife and my girls can’t find anything, and I’ve had zero success finding anything for them.

P.S. love the channel.

Nick Irish says:

If i wanted to upgrade a reg on a tank whats the best way to get the old reg off #pbqt

Toe says:

I’ve got a marker mask and hopper what next, the rental tanks at my field are fine so I’m thinking pants or barrel kit, thoughts?

dyejimmy says:

You can get 24 silica packets on Walmart for around $5 to drop in with your paintballs.

Joe Wood says:

as i am a small player what mask can i get… i bought a v force and it was huge?

Sparky Elliott says:

question I’m starting in mag fed, but I still do hopper fed and want a vest that can hold my mags , and can hold pods. Any recommendations?

Ignite Paintball says:

Do you have any tips on trading markers online so you don’t get scammed #PBQT

Jellyman Baller says:

Adzion khos 2 upgrades

Justin Jablonsky says:

I have the original etek ego but I’m not the biggest fan of it and I don’t want to sell it since it is going to be a collectors item. I want a new gun but I don’t know what to get. What is the best gun in the $300-$500 range?

Josh Chumbley says:

So I just got my first marker, a used spyder tl-x. I am considering using a remote air line. What are the pros and cons of running a system like this?

Triston Herrera says:

What us the best upgrade for my tippmann a5

Christian Waters says:

Just a quick little note, I personally wear an XL helmet and keep my lax helmet fully loosened in the back but I find the fit on the Virtue Ascend to be very nice. That being said it is still a little more narrow than some of the other masks mentioned so if the issue is width I’d say follow the above advice. Just a little note for Virtue lol.

Stavy G says:

What do you think about the tippman stryker ar1 elite

Mr.Earthh says:

#PBQT What’s the difference between PSP ramping mode and Millennium ramping mode? Which one is better, why?

Blurred Overwatch says:

Great video I have a lot of struggle with extra paint for capital edge cause I buy to much so it’s nice to know how to store the paint, keep up the great work, btw can you do a office walkthrough and paintball collections

justin Bentley says:

As my son and I are constantly upgrading our gear, what can we do with our “beginner low budget markers”? Was think of donating but don’t really have a clue.

Triston Herrera says:

Lol I thought he said my name because my name is Triston

Franco Baggage says:

3 months? Uh, oh.

gunfuego says:

Nice, I was looking into an empire evs….

Mason Fiala says:

Can you do a review on the dangerous power G5 spec r

Chase Loughlin says:

Will there be a Push Unite mask review? ANS “reviews” are more or less reasons to buy their product rather than giving info that could wing people on or against the product. Your reviews however are the opposite. You try and point out all the possible pros and cons that a typically paintball player looks at or wants to know before purchase. I’m not exactly a budget baller but I don’t want to spend $170 and not like it.

Shaymin says:

#pbqt what would you chose the vio or vforce grill

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