HydroTec Paintballs Review

A review of the new HydroTec paintballs that haven’t officially been released yet


JeremyDelinela says:

lol my bad, it wasn’t CPX. It was another field that had Hydrotech there. PBE.

james wilson says:

he owns a basic x7

Zap Paintball says:

Are they relased?

Cliff Courtenay says:

4:15 Finger painting! 

Jefferson Ingram says:

All depends on price really

ShallowJam says:

would ahve been a great review fi your hand wasnt in the way for half the shots and the other half the shots the item of interest was off screen.

PistolPete93PB says:

When did CPX ever have Hydrotec?

bmankool1 says:

Do they bore as accurately as they say?

PistolPete93PB says:

What do you mean?

Mikyael W says:

is there anything special about them?

Johnny Sotelo says:

im just curious, do you own a regular paintball marker?

Bryce Larson says:

Excellent review.

chris ilar says:

Where do u even get that paint?

James Ngo says:

what the difference?

predator1117 says:

So they don’t fly straight and they don’t break well. Pure garbage then.

Austin Larson says:

where do you buy them?

PistolPete93PB says:

For me, it would shoot straight for like 70 feet, and then it would just randomly curve off. I havent shot cheap or dimpled paint in years so I can’t really compare

JeremyDelinela says:

CPX had Hydrotech there.

Blake Johnston says:

@PlusOneProductions No, there isn’t a difference. Hustle has a reload up that says there is absolutely no difference. I think it’s like number 27 or 28.

Miguel Correa says:

To bad this paint ball didn’t make it .. Next time Paul .. May b pat will make it happen.

Tony Solis says:

do you have any other guns other then your pistols

Faix says:

@JeremyDelinela they had them at paintball explosion.

Nick Jenks says:

how much it this?

PlusOneProductionss says:

Is there any difference between a TPX and a TiPX?

EvilChopsticks says:

I love ur vids

Jorge Grandos says:

hey pistolpete do you know how much a case of this paint cost and when does it come out to the public to buy

Nick Williams says:

Any idea when they might possibly start selling these? I’ve shot almost every brand of paint there is and would love to give these a try.

Funthrasher says:

he means TiPx or TPx

wcpclan says:

Great job bro! I would like to test these out in a milsig

5150madawg says:

in any test you should always have a control example to compare with you shoulda tested a few kinds of paint

lil j says:

It reminds me of something that comes out of my “banana”.

askloglog says:

great review, good conclusion…. but i dont think tournament players would buy it, because it doesn’t prepare them for a tournament
but for rec players i think this is awesome

drhavok says:

how would you compare the curving to other brands of paint?? like say does it curve like cheap paint,or dimpled paint?

PistolPete93PB says:

One is a TPX and one is a TiPX. They are both pretty much 100% identical

Forbeszy's Gaming & Paintball says:

Probably good “testing gun” paint. Can store them for ever and still be in same shape. Now did you find a price since its been over a year?

Ken Simmons says:

i have yet to fuck with firststrike,, do they fit into the regular mags or they aftermarket mags?

vijil says:

So pretty much like the smart people have been saying all along: great for FPO and magfed, but wont be replacing tournament paint any time soon.

James Franco says:

they have not even started selling them yet.

Wolf Hailey says:

If it paints my target…….i dont care what type

Mag Fed Ops says:

Do you find that normal paintballs are more accurate at the 240-250 fps compared to like 280-290?

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