Ordering paintballs through the mail a good idea? HKArmy paint test and review!

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Drummerboy 055 says:


Jason Kimmins says:

Every field I play I have to use field paint so the subscription doesn’t do me much good

Tim Chamberlin says:

Great review.

Andrew Brown says:

Is that a spyderco I see there?!

Uhhh Hello? says:

My field only allows Gi…

calinewera says:

I think you play for what Pro team….???

Dylan Masefield says:

Nice preds jersey, supporting the uk

nflguy10 says:

Hk tournament paint has been on point lately

Ian Low says:

This is good paint I can atest first hand

JOESPUD27 says:

Fake news, the Nation logo is right side up.

Mcbear 291 says:

I mean, paintballs are mailed from the manufacturer to the local store so technically it’s coming from the mail anyways. It’s just that mail companies treat packages like shit when it’s for a consumer.

JustBenable says:

In New Zealand mail delivery has been the norm for at least 10 years due to the lack of the community to have any dedicated “pro shops”.

CalifLove says:

I feel like the small bubble wrap around the boxes does little to nothing and is likely a waste. if you have several inches of paper padding around every side anyway…the bubblewrap isn’t doing anything except providing a visual. If it were big bubbles maybe that would actually be useful, otherwise, skip it and charge less…

Eugene Dickes says:

This is cool but all feilds in my area are fpo so it dose me no good to buy paint that im not allowed to shoot anyways

Paulie Force says:

Local fields by me only allow field paint.

Chris Plays FortNite says:

Whats the gun called that ur useing?

William Chandler says:

Were you shooting this on Sunday at Xtreme? I joked that you were simply cause you were on point all day and the Evil field paint was garbage for us pumpers.

Richie Wong says:

That UK Predator jersey! Awesome.

Tim Vavuris says:

I would almost never buy paint over the internet and have it shipped to me. Much rather buy from a local store

assassin 78864 says:

My problem isn’t the packaging i live in texas getting paint from the mail is hard to do even with something like this since right now we are getting 110 degree weather I’d take a shot at ordering it but id rather get mines from my field.

Jake Hunter says:

Second lol

michael doak-dunelly says:

That preds jersey tho

James Hockey says:

Since when dya get ya hands on a preds jersey? Jealous to say the least 🙂

mike ouillette says:

Anything is better then the Gi crap that all my local fields like to use for some reason.

CuracaoGolfer says:

I have ordered paint from ANS on multiple occassions and never had a problem. Before anyone gripes about “support your local shop”…There is no local shop where I live and paying field prices for paint that I am shooting at targets in my backyard doesn’t make sense.

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