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Teeko Airsoft says:

another reason why i love your channel

Lil Exotic says:

Omfg that’s a lot of graffiti is some of it blue and purple or skin color and purple

Andy Bonilla says:

Do they have 1000 pack

Hala United Ski says:

How do you Get air to Your tank?

MysticFool Plays says:

Why do they call them barrel condoms?


I use the valken code, dye r2 runs amazing

SOTA BOY says:

Whats a paintball?

Andrew Klepto says:

Me vs you hova. I’ll light you up

Jordan Okano says:

Can i have

PB_TLUU 2015 says:

what camera do you use to play? i would recommend using any cameras from drift innovation. you can put it on your mask and make it a POV video.

Charles Valladolid says:

lol i know what that is for what u call “drum stick”

mathew nagle says:

valkan is a very very good brand, good for u hova, hope to see a better layout for your paintball arena lol

FatMan951 says:

I tell you what send me ten free boxes of graffiti to try out and I’ll buy more with using your code.

Renegades43 says:

Broooooo I wish I could get all that paint!!!!! So fucking expensive!!! Graffiti for the winnn

Keegan Adams says:

Gi is way fucking better

DSG Airsoft says:

Ur so lucky man

Austin Hauck says:

hova plays paintball? well shit

Dillon Green says:

Get thousands of free paintballs then walk on a feild and see the FEILD PAINT ONLY sign lol

Tyler Jacknick says:

haha lick the valkin graffiti. It for real tastes like cookies

isaiah gutierrez says:


bryan janda says:

Bro thats dope

JoseJuan Briones says:

Does your promo code still works?

CupCakeA51 says:

Welcome to the Valken family Hova #VsUpHoesDown #whateverittakes #Valkencorps

Kenny G says:

Damn wtf I want a sponsorship

Jizzy Coast says:

Played for a valken team at NXL. Paint is absolute shit. Dimples in every one of the 15-20 cases our teams shot. GI is the only gear and paint worth a shit


thank god somebody im subbed to has a good code its gunna be cheaper now instead of buying from evike

Tommy says:

I have a boner for Valken

frefas says:


Sinrr says:

Yo so i heard that you’re not able to take your own paintballs is that true?

Blueblaze the Alpha says:

dang that’s so much paintballs I’d use an empire axe 2.0 or dye m2 I like a lot of paintball guns but I only have a couple guns but I’m saving up

Javier Santos says:

hella dope!!!!!!

UrAverageCarlos says:

I play airsoft

Liquidss says:

oh fuck yeah. I’m buying to buy a couple cases of infinity as practice paint.

Christian C says:

Hey has anybody ever tried New World any good

Johnny Aguilar says:

Excuse me sir, but i’d like to join or make a team with you!

Taylor Savage says:

im poor as fuck

paul alonzo says:

How do I get some sponsorship or some gear

Fruit The Dutchie says:

*B A R R E L C O N D O M*

Michael Lee says:

Speedball Life

weekend rider says:

you got a lot paint

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