Paintball reliability test (triumph paintballs)

via YouTube Capture


AKECSGO Master says:

This is the cringest video he says walking the trigger like he can with the griffin

FaceTheAwesome says:

You couldn’t walk it cuz it was a mechanical trigger dumbass and ‘you changed’ my ass kid

franchesca manzella says:

you’re ugly, your ass is deadly and you look like an ugly frog

Gentry Boland says:

Hey Lucas, nice shirt!

Thomas F. says:

thanks for the review , good Intel appreciate it

SEAN madden says:

it doesn’t seen like you have any clue what you are talking about/doing

Darkshadows45 says:

Just a tip…don’t reuse paintballs when already drop and don’t chuck it. Let gravity do that

Paintballreviews101 says:

any questions just ask

jojomaloni the jew says:

just saying you cant really walk any tippman accept the crossover so please dont say you cant walk a gryphon i have used my friends just shoot like 3 and look at the paint and trust me no one will care if u cant walk a 100 dollar gun

FaceTheAwesome says:

Plus it was last year dumb fuck that’s when it was uploaded

Wakiya says:

I have those they ain’t that bad

Nathan Gardner says:

Those paintballs are the size of your nuts. Ever heard of puberty bub

FaceTheAwesome says:

Dm2 I mean bitch

Anthony Fletcher says:

Are they .68 caliber?

Michael Nivelle says:

Your a retard and hold your marker like a idiot learn how to play paintball noob

FaceTheAwesome says:

I have a dye dm15

FaceTheAwesome says:

Show me proof upload a video of you dumb bitch

Tha Mafia says:

Lol it broke from above the head because you chucked it

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