PMI Premium & Diablo Formula 13 Paintballs – Review

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MarcusEvonblade ! says:

Should have had a shooting test so that we could see the spread

80Aerial says:

Hi Rory, do you think the Premium would do good with the Kaos 2?

Rico Telles says:

Just wanted to thank Rory and ANS Gear for everything you do for the sport of paintball. I had been playing for four years before discovering ANS and I must say I have gained a wealth of knowledge on equipment, apparel, accessories and the paintball world in general since I started following you. Thank you!!

side note:
suggestions for Empire paint

Heat- practice only, the shells are hard to break and are painful to get hit by.

Formula 13- recball, milsim, woodsball, practice.

Premium- recball, airball, speedball and tournament play. awesome paint in general, like Rory said would not be great in the brush so not good for woodsball or milsim.

Marballizer- awesome paint, does not store well for longer than a few months. Extremely brittle, recommended for only guns with a soft front bolt (most mid to high end guns) This paint is very expensive and I would recommend only for tournament but nothing is stopping you from successfully using it the same as you would the premium paint.

Happy Hunting!! I hope this helps someone out!!

Roberto Corchado says:

China vs USA paint right?”

Clap Trap says:

Hello Rory :^) – does ship to South Africa?

Andres Jakob says:

Any word on when you’ll be getting the azodin kaos 2?

Skyrimax says:

Hey Rory can you Contact me via email?

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