qmto Reviews – Nitro Duck Paintballs

Can one review 10 year old paintballs? You can if they’re NITRO DUCK PAINTBALLS!!! YEAH!



Woooooa I’m so jealous! Never shot it and forgot Nitro Duck made paint. I’ve spent last few months collecting old paint I come across on ebay hehe. I now have 8 of those single color 200 count Brass Eagle containers I was first buying 18+ years ago. 7 yellow and one white. 9 various Zap plastic jugs in 400 or 500 counts. Early 90’s shrink sealed Cali Magnum. Diablo Dusk cases and 200 containers from retail. Those other RPS Swirl looking Marbs. 1k of Worr Paint! Random stuff ;p Will use it at practice this coming year. Contemplating making shooting videos for pball history-sake. Would want a better camera for that tho. Meh 8/
I used to own two of Nitro Duck’s Tuff Skin adjustable tanks. A 68 and 90. Favorite tanks by far! Adjust with a wrench externally. No taking apart. Convenient as heck!

David Smith says:

Miss Nitro Duck. Used to use their paint all the time for Practice.

John Cipollo says:

Shoots better than the paint at my field…

nick bysheim says:

gdamn I miss that paint!

BacciPaintball.com says:

Taste test? And RIP Rock.

nick bysheim says:

gdamn I miss that paint!

massacreking says:

Hey Mr. Nitroduck your barrel plug is still on

The Other Side Airsoft/Paintball says:

looks like valken graffiti

Richard Carter says:

Nitro duck that’s awesome 10 year old paint can’t believe they shot that well great video do more

Paintball mag says:

What marker is that. Don’t recognize it

Sam LoDestro says:

I had one of those tanks. Not sure what I did with it sadly…

xDerDerx says:

Holy shit, totally forgot about nitro duck.

Quick question, not related.

On the BKO, the one with the LPR on the front, which way increases pressure on the LPR. Clockwise or counterclockwise?

SouthernBelles says:

I can’t remember how many cases of that we shot … tons! I loved it then and looks like it is still good. know anyone in Colombia that wants to start making paint again?

Brandon McCormack says:

That freestyle looks familiar. How’s it working out for you? It was my pleasure building that gun for you.

Xtian C. says:

.691 would sound big to most these days, BUT the last batch of Graffiti I got I had to use my .689 insert. I was blown away, I have been using the .675 for the cheap GI Sports field paint.

Daniel Miller says:

Oh wow, this is a serious deep cut.

niceMange says:

wow talk about quality, a decade out and is still better than most crap made now

Robert Henry says:


inVIcious says:

Zap paintballs!

nick bysheim says:

gdamn I miss that paint!

TBDigital says:

.691…sheesh, I’d love to be able to use some of my older wide bore barrels again, instead of shooting this damn pea sized paint


what about an old case of monster ball see how much worse it can get.

Ryan P. says:

holy shit the memories

harry boothole says:

this goes to show how shitty today’s paint quality is.

REDBeard PB says:

thanks for another video! do Dragun t.e.s. or the one please sir

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