qmto Reviews – Red Paintballs (Nelson Nelsplat)

“I may have gone too far in a few places….”

Hope you guys enjoy the first review of 2018! There’s more to come!


Kyle Rittenhouse says:

Review the valken proton

BacciPaintball.com says:

They misspelled Flesh. Does Hell Survivors still have red field paint? When we played the Tippmann World Challenge in I think 2011 or 2012 it was field paint only but they let us shoot our smg 60s since we had red paint from the 80s.

stevinoname says:

your videos are one of a kind

avalex says:

I’m building a Frankenstein trilogy sf/ prostock marker, wanna shoot it?

If I’m correct this is the world 1st/only break beam prostock.

Kirko_Andrew says:

Kevin finally let out his red fill Demon.

Peanut butter boi says:


Not Panda says:

I have blood balls

NoahDBoss says:

What does Bli11 think of these?

devin smith says:

What in the hell of a video I just watched
Pun intended

Xtian C. says:

I hate FPO, especially when they don’t offer higher grades of FPO. Asked my local field and they said sorry, won’t ever carry better paint. It just sits and “tournament players want everything for free” whatever that means.

Pulsar PB says:

I got cancer from that intro

Keep It Riyal says:

Cant wait

John says:

bro you’re totally boss.

Carlos Camejo says:

Qmto, quality as always

Kyle Shope says:

“I didn’t clean the floor for 2 weeks because it looked so good.” Yeah, sure that’s the reason.

Smiffew says:

Awesome as always. A bit different technique for cleaning paint though, get an old junk towel and lay it out on a table. fill it half full with paint, then lay another junk towel on top and roll it all around for a good 20-30 seconds. I found that cleaned paint good. I bought a bunch of white box for an outlaw game I was doing with friends, and turns out it was reject red fill marballizer from day of the dead. I cleaned 3 cases like that and it worked well. It was garbage, we all just ended up throwing it out and using the bit of d3fy paint we had. It couldn’t get 3 shots out of a tippmann without a barrel break, but it was cheap reject so thats probably why.

avidpaintballer #23 says:

Hey my local field shoots karnage and that’s all we shoot #southernmissouri

Mike Richard says:

Heard red fill,blue fill, pink fill stain bunkers (white bunkers) need you to find out for me big daddy.

Varocks183 says:

I love this channel and i’m still glad it’s here. I remember watching this as a kid all the way up to now, though I can’t afford to play anymore it’s still nice to see people keeping OG ball alive

LithiumPaintball21 says:


jakeshot15 says:

I need some help im trying to decide between buying a ego and buying an angel which do u recommend

Lil Kurwa says:

A QMTO review video? Who needs sleep.

Maysonv says:

White paint next! Pleaseeeee

Blue_Ninja 7 says:

Nice vid


I’ve got a wgp autococker you might be interested in. I was hoping to get 320$ for it and I was hoping if you were interested. You can contact me on instagram- chris_122403

Alex Redmond says:

Love it

rob john says:

lol i’ve never seen such an entertaining review of paintballs, well done!

machine9un kill says:

Would you recommend the pistol in the intro for actual gameplay

nikolas de Vries says:

is that a jt impulse

Angelplayz123 says:


Ed Koch Splotch Crotch says:

Ansgear is cancer, people need to stop supporting them

Zac says:

Thankfully most the fields around me still allow outside paint although all colors beside yellow and orange are banned… Oh how I miss blue and pink fill my two all time favorites.

avalex says:

You don’t know how long I waited for another video of your voice.

Chavez Apache says:

I live for qmto videos.

sciphan says:

Do you have a spyder vs2,3 or rs, rsx?

Luke Lucas says:


PB Central says:

What is a good first auto cocker that is not too expensive

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