~Review~ Valken Redemption Paintballs ~ Review ~

Really Like This Paint! For the Price, Its the top paint on the market. If price isnt a problem for you then I would Give this Paint a 9 out of 10!

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knis2me2 says:

What does your local store sell?

KekistaniUprisingSPQK Doorman says:

I’ve been playing tournament ball since 2001. RPS premium is fine. Back then it was $45 a case. As far as now. G.I4 and Graffiti are both fine. Evil is a fucking ripoff and so are most of these new brands. MarballiZer is a gimmick. Order online, rps premium or graffiti. Redemption Is not 50 a case. RPS uses the advantage shell which beats the Fuck out of gelatin bullshit.

Susmarski_27 says:

So what is the bore size exactly

Zap Paintball says:

This paint is made for more D5-D4 players because of the price and depending of what sponsors they have.

KekistaniUprisingSPQK Doorman says:

We won 2004 CFOA amateur using rps premium. Once sponsored we shot Diablo hellfire bore doesn’t matter. Wtf do you think the fucking barrel kit is for. Fucking puffter

CoCExpert says:

Lol thats still expensive for 500 paintballs !!!!!

michael upleger says:

hey knis2me2 what type of paint should i get for a beginnger

knis2me2 says:

The cases we have been gettingvare about a .681 in 80 degree weather.

Dr. KoNfLiCt says:

Are you fucking retarded? That’s 80$ for a box of 2000.. Pathetic price..

knis2me2 says:

Haha yes finaly, just like to get at least 2-3 cases before i review paint.

Zap Paintball says:

Draxxus is ok but it is a hit and a miss for the paintballs because I have had a bag of 500 with lots of dimples and another bag with no dimples of the same paint.

FebrezeCthulu says:

i get a box of 500 evil paintballs for only $20

stankykey says:

Finally 😉

Teal Thunder says:

They sell this at the field i play at for like 80 bucks a case so i never get it thinkin about buying a case online and trying it out though

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