SHOT WITH RUBBER PAINTBALLS | Rubber Paintballs VS Paintballs | Crazy Paintball Guns Experiment Fail

In this episode of Bro Labs my friend Mark and I get shot with rubber paintballs in order to find out whether or not normal paintballs cause more damage. This is a crazy paintball experiment, so please do not try at home!

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Josh Gaston says:

guy looks like ryan kessler and jared goff at the same time

mylobage says:

Basic Physics would’ve saved you pain. Look into physics of momentum and it’ll explain why the rubber doesn’t hurt as much.

Gucci Savage123 says:


Erin Hawley says:

Pussy cat

Giovanni Mazzocco says:

Troppa scena

Michael Cadena says:

Next time play russian roulette with a rubber ball and pickle balls up close.

Jacob Jay says:


Bradley Thompson says:


Jonathan Wilson says:

Where’s marks chest?

Edward Casper says:

The rubber creates more friction so it’s slowed down put lubricant in the barrel and try again

Marcus Deutschlander says:

Next time shoot it will it is being chronographed… I doubt the speed is accurate

shaker 007 says:


Juan Pong says:

Love this shittt

Eddie Warren says:

Kendo sticks

shaker 007 says:

Даун тупой,мозохист

Philip Spencer says:

I so wanted to call mark a pussy but I gues I cant now how dare you take that from me. jk you guys funny as hell Houston stop being such a bully lol jk be Houston wouldn’t want you any other way big boy ;))))) kidding don’t get to excited

N A says:

Leave some love for mark and his courage for science!!!

Alfie Laight says:


Frostbitten Cabalar says:

Rubber paintballs are usually smaller so their velocity is lower than regular paintballs, unless you matched the paintball guns barrel to the size of the paintballs and rubber paintballs. Also they bled cause of the shells being pointy when they blow up.

TrashyconsoleR6 says:

I’m 13 and they really don’t hurt that bad you’re overreacting

Cody Van Der Merwe says:

Lol that marker is weak as fuck when the bras get together and we jam ball we all bleed much worse than that and swell worse. a rubber or ceramic ball coming out at plus 300ftps would shatter bones

lineth velasquez says:

i thought you didnt felt pain

Ezekiel Jones says:


shaker 007 says:

What are you doing

chuck mauck says:


Ben Flynn says:

get shot in the palm of the hand with rubber paintballs and normal paintballs

Billy Ohler says:

This channel has come so far in 2 years

Russell pool says:

rubber balls do not hert that bad I have been eyeballing before and it’s not bad

Trident 349 says:

Paint ball is way more bad

HyabusaXZX says:


Lion _FILMER T.V. says:

It’s bill Nye the science guy #bill bill bill bill

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