Spark Balls for Paintball Markers and 0.68 cal Guns! BOOM BOOM! Review!

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This is a review and test shooting (with experiement) showing you the property of the SPARK BALLS from bulls breaker balls.

You can clearly see the effect of it here, plus knowing what works, what does not work and how to use them to their best potentials. For self defense with paintball guns, I double test will work. For scaring away animals, maybe. For movie and effects, it’s definitely a fun idea, even for party and camping fun!

The spark is indeed very bright with lower power guns, but you need to becareful of the small bits and pieces that might leave behind some crap on the ground which can stab into your feet by accident. Watch your steps!


Tinine The Formidable says:

Hey, just musing about those guys who think that a paintball gun is not an effective weapon:

Outdoor scenario, intruder with real firearm:
Rapid fire of a few gasoline-filled balls, followed by a couple of these things. Is the intruder gonna be immune to this because he’s carrying a 45 or whatever? I think I would sooner receive a hit from a bullet than burst in to flames.

deathangellink says:

i could see it used for low cost special effect, like for a student project or else.

Tom Smyth says:


China North Airguns says:

Try them as airgun targets.

Macy Smith says:

Good Morning

Regenbogen Krieger says:

They improved their BullsBreakerBalls, but aren’t the AsteroidsSkullCrushers the better choice? (more rounded, little bit more weight 6.7g, hard rubber with iron dust)
Will get the T8.1 and want to use these Asteroids, but in your videos just the BreakerBalls are mentioned, so I’m indecisive.
Maybe they might not be able to be reused that often (go out of shape), or something else, …

Thanks for your many videos/infos of home self-defence, I also like your Taoism vids!

jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen says:

fill it with gasoline using and we have some interesting results

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