Testing and Shooting DEFY Paintballs – D3FY Review

DEFY Paintballs have been gaining attention as a quality paintball that doesn’t cost a lot. I decided to try a couple of their different grades out and made a video so you could get an idea of what they offer.

With 3 grades and 4 distinct types of paintballs, DEFY is trying hard to get players the paint they need to hit the field. Paint ranges from Levels 1 to 3. As the level goes up, so does the accuracy fragility and quality of fill. Watch the video and let me know what you think!


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mark ade says:


Tim Chamberlin says:

Really good review

moja velitch says:

cool the pnb

Jason Giles says:

MOAR OF THESE VIDS PLEASE. Try other brands. We need more!!!

XDeathBronco says:

This is very in depth. Great job!

Wolf Bred Paintball says:

Those poor leaves! R.I.P little leaves.

Brandon Hsia says:

More paint reviews please!

Bruno Moraes says:

Hello, I’m Brazilian, I’m very short on Paintball and I watch all your videos, I do not even understand what you’re talking about.

Jon Maksin says:

This seems like a decent review. However, the variables changed as the paint changed. An entry level gun shooting low end paint versus a high end gun shooting high end paint doesn’t seem like a fair comparison. Valid points were still made but I feel like you should have stuck with the CS2 and Spire throughout the whole process.

RB Bedard says:

I wish Fox4 would use this paint.

tacodorifto says:

I think its great to review paint. But we dont have a view if the trajectory of the path. Put a cam on barrel to show path. So i take this review with a grain of salt. I also think you should try to minimize the changing factors(markers,hoppers,barrels) to give a better control of paint performance.

Defyreality13 says:

i guess i know what paint i need to be shooting now 🙂

ViDz614 says:

D3fy back at it again…

Michael D says:

Quality over quantity! Poor paint quality WILL ruin your day kids. Buy a half case of good stuff opposed to a full case of garbage paint- unless the field paint is actually decent. My field only sells 4 star $50/case and it’s great!

Max Sobin says:

shake and bake

sky.the. outcast says:

Ok now I know there’s different paintball types

Comet says:


harnar k says:

That Etha my baby

Bro Brah says:

I love D3FY paint, way better than hk army from my experience.

Troy Robinson says:

Would have preferred to see this test done right. A variable and a control make for a good experiment. I think most players wonder which is better are not planning on switching markers and/or barrels to match the level of paint. I don’t think the tournament paint would have much accuracy coming out of a 8 inch basic barrel. Unfair this time, but thanks for the content.

moja velitch says:


Christopher Eckhardt says:

D3fy is great paint. We shoot it at all the AFPL’s in the bay area. I definitely recommend it.

GottaLoveTheWolf says:

At first i thought those cases were big billboards

SirVixIsVexed says:

try putting an old tshirt or a pb jersey against the concrete and shoot it to compare fill colors between grades

moja velitch says:

like the video

GetHype4Life says:

this paint is trash do not purchase it i shot each kind of it and it was absolute trash the only paint that was ok was the level 3 yet my field paint at my local field is a custom gi made to shoot about as accurate as 2&3 star still shot way better than level 3

TBDigital says:

Was there any size difference between the grades? Or did the grade 2 and 3 paints also run larger than we’ve typically seen in the last few years? I’d love to be able to run my .689 barrels more often. Thanks for the review, John.

Almightydan 17 says:

He never went over how to take care of paint like he said he was

Elian Rodriguez says:

Buen vídeo

Yo' Neighbor says:

Is the tippman conus one of the best begginer markers?

OldSoulShoebox says:

Be careful not to put the silica pack in your loader but absolutely feel free to sneak it into your buddy’s.

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