~Unboxing~ Brand New Dye Competition Grade CG Paintballs Unboxing Video ~Unboxing~

This is my Unboxing of the New Competition Grade Paintballs from Dye Paintball.

Thanks for watching!



mrkibbles44 says:

6:15 that’s what she said

tohatsu says:

Does it still describe them as “perfect cylinders” in the manual? lol 🙂

LiL Terror says:

do all paintballs work with all semi auto matic guns?

knis2me2 says:

Haha yes they do smell like that! lol

Travis E says:

This is one of the best branded paint you can get besides GI Sports, you guys are lucky on the ball side been a little hard, the last 3 to 4 boxes of Dye paint i have been getting here in RSA, i do the drop test about 30cm in the air, and it brakes very easy. 🙂 do get barrel brakes, but i have sorted that problem out.

The RDG RD Gameplay says:


Harry Leatt says:

I swear the Dye logo is the Lexus logo o.0

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

the bottom is arabic

knis2me2 says:

I think $70

4G64SicKShoT says:

big thick creamy fill

Ludwig Rosas says:

How much dit it cost?

d0odle672 says:

@knis2me2 thanks

Michael Nguyen says:

the bottom text is Arabic

Jacob Searight says:

I love the paint. Shot it in Dallas and Mao. Not the brittlest, but never ever bounced or chopped. You can’t see the shit flying at you. However the only problem is the price, all that fancy stuff they have on/in the box you’re paying for.

EDG3 Gamer says:

Ordered a Dye CG and a Proto case for april game, gonna post a video how it works.

knis2me2 says:

I wandered the same thing to be honest, however I cant say whether it does or not cause I shot what I had within a weeks time,

knis2me2 says:

Hahaha thanks

knis2me2 says:

I believe 69.99

TheBackyardPB says:

Do you do unboxing videos for your groceries too?

WartortlePbn says:

APD sells it now.. The bags don’t reseal. I’ve never had one actually reseal lol. Otherwise great paint, smells like dog treats though..

Alek Alvarado says:

how much were for all of them?

ActAloneband says:

how much does that box cost?

SDUndisputedTeam says:

This or evil?

knis2me2 says:

Would you like me to? haha

Taylor James says:

Pretty sure thats arabic. Not Chinese maybe arabic.

Brittney Alexa LeStrange says:

Not that you should hold onto paint for a period of time but with that vacuum seal, won’t dimples form after a bit?

knis2me2 says:

Yes it is! I have a List a Mile long of reviews needing to be done and no time during my days lol Will be working double time threw the summer to catch up on all these videos!

John Boursier says:

please do :3

lkmachines says:

G5 review coming? 🙂

Dr. KoNfLiCt says:

Lol, dumb sucker…

d0odle672 says:

What’s the bore size

knis2me2 says:

Mine case was at a .689

Caleb Peckham says:

Nice intro

crazyali3 says:

I’m from the future

knis2me2 says:

I actuely used it first but yes its the same haha

EDG3 Gamer says:

Its Arabic writing down there not Chinese :).

essay egg says:

is it really necessary to spend 3 mins looking at the fucking box

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