Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Check the fill, ball drop and break. Blow the paint out of a barrel and shoot the paint as well


donnieleonard23 says:

What bore was the barrel your using?

Zoriax says:

You remind me of Jaret Reddick (Bowling for soup)

Tim Petrakis says:

You should do a video on Valken Crusade Paintballs!!!

Anonymous says:

Great Video, Screw the haters

Jason Wright says:

here is the thing i had the same thing happen to me when i bought a two different boxes of paint form ans. i do not shop there unless i have to

Jason Wright says:

Wish I could but a very lucky person bought the g5 off of me and he got one hell of a deal

JORDAN BROWN - Student says:

nice video, paint ball is awesome, but has nothing to do with graffiti or its culture.
really lame to see brands using the now popular term “graffiti” to sell units.
none the less good product. just saying.

Crixus The Gaul says:

Valken makes the best paint for the price I feel, both graph and redemption. redemption is just insanely good, however I have never tried Evil. The valkens just shoot very consistently and looks cool!

master420148 says:

hey Jason i love your videos but i got a quick question what is the bore of valken graffiti paintballs, plz reply

XxSyndicate246xX says:

Can you do a RPS Evil shooting video please?

Borricua0605 says:

Just bought some lovem they r great bought some jT,s they sucked 10 from every bag burst I did a whole 2000 ct to see how bad we waste our money being cheap valken way to go ohhhh did 2000 ct test also no breaks remember only 40 out of 2000 did not break with JT toxin

Jason Wright says:

I definitely got a keeper


jason wrigjt you said 1.boucend

Andrew Bas says:

What paint do you prefer / recommend? I live in San Diego if that helps with anything weather wise.

dylan memmini says:

Hey Jason, did you know that the shell tastes slightly like chocolate? I used to work at a paintball field here in chicago, and a player had dared me to do it once, i thought it was nuts but i did it because, well it’s just a paintball right? Well sure enough it actually had a slight hint of chocolate…..kinda weird if you ask me.

Jason Wright says:

I agree with you 100%

Sean Whinnery says:

I bought a box not too long ago from ANSgear. Each bag has its own cardboard section- as Jason said its a small box but too small. Nearly all the balls were dimpled form the tight packaging.

Aside from the dimpling most had excess flashing at the seams. I was not impressed for $60.

When I used them on the field they shot extremely straight, even with flashing and dimpling… very odd but it was nice to see the $60 was not a waste.

Fill was thick and bright. I was using Orange fill.

master420148 says:


Ty Blanchard says:

yes she does, she seems very patient with you aswell

Jason Wright says:

Easy fix for that, don’t watch

justin jackson says:

They’re to high

Jason Wright says:

yah the fill could use some stepping up

Fit Con says:

Thanks for getting back. I’m in SoCal as well, so those sizes are good to know. Thank you Jason.

Wonder Twins says:

I like you, you give great depth and are sometimes funny.

Steven Dalton says:

i love your videos bro. thank you for uploading

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