Valken Infinity, Echo, Fate, Crusade, Graffiti, Redemption, & Redemption Pro Paintballs Review

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Julie Lopez says:

Stop scraching the table

Casey Ballantine says:

we use infinity and fate at our field both are really good and work great. We had some echo but it chopped almost more than it shot. didn’t matter what gun it was. coulda been just a bad batch but we where not impressed.

Witalik Isachanov says:

i have a tippmann cronus can i fill up dis paintballs on that gun ?

kustomTooth says:

I tried a case of the redemption pro from my usual redemption and it’s really not that good. The shell is so hard it doesn’t break at a waist high drop. And the fill is pretty runny, not buying it again. I’m pretty sold on the hk army exclusive! That paint is the shit! Breaks at knee high and not it your rotor or magazine.

David Lowe says:

I think Fate is my field paint. I go to CRU.

WESTCOAST Phenom says:

what is the best paint to shoot out of a mag, since the mag itself puts pressure snd tension on the balls, so they end up popping in the mags and chop

WESTCOAST Phenom says:

can you review the ag1 magfed paintballs?

MrProtoking says:

I feel like there are only 3 things that matter when choosing paint.

1: size consistency
2: shape consistency
3: Price

If you arnt playing in an event, brittleness doesnt matter.
If you play recball, weather you get that break or not, doesnt really matter at the end of the day. Id rather cheap paint that flies straight all the time, with the downside being the fill is watery, dull, and balls bounce.

Just my opinion.

Husker54 says:

thanks now i know what paint my field uses so i can mass buy it cheaper lol ez win lads

SirVapingAlot says:

infinity is the one my field uses

Nicholas Morrison says:

ANSGear, I am getting a case of infinity 48$ on amazon and it is white so might come out better


Played with Infiniti and Graffiti today, Graffiti did not shoot as well for any of us, maybe stored wrong but it was bought at the field so idk.

Sam Stringer says:

Best of these for an LV1.1? My field has fate, graffiti, and redemption. I usually use redemption, but is graffiti good?

Domo says:

I will be honest i hate redemption. It was the event paint last time i went to a place it did not break at all. only way it pops is when you get hit in the mask.

Morgan Duterrow says:

Did anyone notice in the redemption there’s a piece of shell

FenZ says:

it took me like 4 minutes to notice that the balls is on top of a plastic cap

Fluffy Ninja Menace says:

I prefer the graffiti! Great performance for the price!

Craig Edwards says:

can you do a review on the draxxus paintballs

stupiddumbtard79 says:

thanks for making this.

Angela Adams says:

This teach me a lot

KingMipedian1995 says:

Curious why ansgear is listing the price of valken fate paint at $44.95 on their website while minimum advertised pricing(MAP) is at $49.95 for valken fate?

firebirdude2 says:

And what field allows walk-on paint anymore?!?!

SSniper14 PB says:

in my experience infinity shoots best with a .003 overbore. whenever I try underboring it likes to curve at around 30 yards

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