Valken Infinity Painballs

Drop test, blow through barrel and shooting. Talk about fill and shell break


Wanson Silva says:

Great video.

Jason Wright says:

They are avacados

Jason Wright says:

Not a problem man

Bootz Cletus says:

great video! finally somebody did a review on this paint. i hope it would be ok using a 2pc .685 cp barrel.

Jason Wright says:

Infinity can be crap at times. If is a hard shell and I use them for efficiency test not field time lol

bill bob says:

i usually use graffiti with my milsig because it doesnt jack up in the mags so much, when i use a speedball i go for inka gold. got a box of this stuff last time i played just to compare it. it might have just been a bad batch but there were dimples on literally every ball. and i am not exaggerating that. from now on for non mag fed im sticking with inka or maybe some draxxus every now and then. i do like graffiti if a harder ball is needed though.

JT Evo15 says:

But would it be alright if I ran my G5 with just the high pressure?

Matthew Kupid says:

the paintballs are 30 dolers

Jason Wright says:

My lovely girl friend does. She is into paintball big time

smytus says:

just picked up a box from my local proshop.. said just got a pallet in today.. smallest insert I have is a 682 and its too big they deff boring small yet consistent.. no breaks shooting well.. white shell white fill

Jason Wright says:

ansgear . com has it

beastworkingpb says:

the field of my city use them they are naaaa ok , but that paintballs are very hard actually

JT Evo15 says:

If not where can I get the spring kit?

Jason Wright says:

what bore is your night stick

EZVanilla says:

wait wait wait wait…..

Did you use that barrel as a blowdart gun? Seems legit.

aster cruise says:

Are they oil based paint, the ref at my field said I couldn’t use them lol

Isaac Chapman says:

Love your bids been a subscriber since the beggining

JT Evo15 says:

Without converting it to low pressure? *

Kyle Spence says:

When I use infinity I get breaks every so often, in the barrel, and out. if its in then its more likely to break again, I like to use graffiti, more expensive but ive never an issue with it. I am playing mag fed so the infinity may work better with a standard marker.

Nappyhead says:

do a valken headwrap vs dye headwrap vid

bear5532 says:

yea..nobody likes sweaty balls

Jason Wright says:

684 but bore size can be different

Joseph Mascolino says:

I really like this paint but the fill color could be better

joshua nuno says:

You should do all of valkens’ paint i like crusade its pretty good, i also have a valken air tank but its the black widow version

JT Evo15 says:

Do you think I can use that valken air tank on my DP G5

Norm Fernandez says:

good review/  good job

Ramses 7 says:

Do a E.X.E Impure paintballs test.

Ashraven PB says:

I love infinity. Consistent, accurate, good fill. They’re tournament paintballs with a thicker shell

Tucker Hensel says:

what is growing in the field? Always wondered…

brendan dowd says:

what bore barrel are you using? pleaase respond because this is my field paint

jhon doe says:

can you do their redemption and rps marballizer? please

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