Valken Redemption Tournament Grade Paintballs – Review

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This is a video review on the Valken Redemption tournament grade paintball’s. In the video we do a round test, to ensure a spherical shape of the paintball’s. An accuracy test, shooting 100 paintball’s, at 40ft, 60ft, 80ft, 100ft. And finally we did a drop test, dropping 5 of these high quality paintball’s at a height of 5ft.
Overall these paintball’s perform excellently, and do not fault.
The accuracy test is not 100% accurate due to human error, but if gives you an idea of the accuracy.
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Amil5353 says:

Bore size?

Snowshredder says:

Going to be trying this paint later this month. Thanks for the very professional review on these, gives be a bit of an understanding what im going to be getting. Great job.

Moukhtar Ibrahim says:

hi, where can i buy these paintballs from pls?

TempestPb says:

It can, but if i was you i would shoot GI sportz, best paint on the market!

ricochet08 says:

didn’t think i would enjoy a paintball review video as much as i did 🙂 great job guys!

Madisyn Tovar says:

Very proffesional video ill try this paint

TempestPb says:

Thanks lowteckblackheart

eViLeYe510 says:

Solid review guys. Good work. 

Gary Bieske says:

£37 is a lot for paint?

Stef says:

Almost every video I see of younger guys like you I can safely avoid, but this was actually a very well done and informative video with focus on actual usable accuracy. Good job! If anything I would recommend you make a vice for the marker to isolate the paint balls as the biggest factor in accuracy.

SynergyPaintball81 says:

great song

lowteckblackheart says:

nice vid guys, well done.

A Hunter says:

Nice vid guys, but I don’t think resting on a wobbly bin like that will help much :-p

TempestPb says:

Thank you! Its appreciated! And yes we will use something to keep the marker more steady for our next one, we are going to be doing more paint reviews once the summer is here!

TempestPb says:

Dye cg are £55 a box!
Think about it, these are top quality, tournament grade paint, every ball is made to perfection. You cant get much better than these. I wish i could afford to play with these, but i cant, and yes most people cant because £37 is expensive for paint. But if you can afford it, defiantly spend the extra, it makes a huge difference.

A.W comic publications says:

Nice job and all but you really need to turn the pressure down on that marker I have the same gun in blue and it dose not sound that damn loud nor dose it make wholes in sheets of wood from a far distance.. so just a reminder next time check the velocity of p-s before you use any marker cause the gun could just be inaccurate pointblank.

PainClipHamburg says:

The point you need a knife to open a box is the point you know you should go back to the gym

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