Walmart Paintballs suprised

i was achualy suprised by the quality of this paint its achualy good


riddiick 44 says:

You dumbass there’s no air in the bag

Bywater says:

pee pee poo poo

Just GABA says:

You say “like” to much dumb fuck

Robin Fuentes says:

your gay becase your nails are long

IMuradI says:

Kid = hate
adult = no hate.

He tried his best at least and I have experienced the same hate with 9 year old cussing kids in my comment section. Give this kid a break! DO NOT HATE.

Teddy Plays says:

you are ACHUALY retarded, learn how to spell

riddiick 44 says:

If they work there good gay retard

RaptureReport says:

don’t get discouraged by the comment section. keep making vids

Pearson.M says:

i am willing to bet money this kid has no idea what he is talking about

Tech Reviews says:

They’re still pretty good

Tech Reviews says:

It’s decent paint but sometimes Walmart will sell you old paint (like this video) I always open the box and check the paint before buying

Holden Camp says:

dude those r just fine what are u complaining about

Low n’ Slow says:

the paintballs don’t move cause there’s no air inside the bag retard

RaptureReport says:

yep vacuumed.

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