What Company Makes The Best Paintballs? – PBQT

This PBQT is going to be all about paintballs!

◼️ Question 1 – What types of paintball are best of types of paintball guns? Between high, mid, low end guns what types of paintball are best of those?

◼️ MrCrankyNYC- What paint brand do you think is the most consistent in size and quality?

◼️ Frankie T – Why are some paintball colors banned?

➖Paintball Mentioned ➖
Valken Infinity ➡ https://amzn.to/2zk5Mrh
Valken Graffiti ➡ https://amzn.to/2ziXSOZ
GI Sportz 1 Star ➡ https://amzn.to/2NA0g74


Paintball Gear I Like ➡ https://www.amazon.com/shop/paintballruinedmylife

➖ My Paintball Gear ➖
Planet Eclipse Gtek ➡ https://amzn.to/2Liniy2
Ninja SL2 77/4500 ➡ https://amzn.to/2rUBSUb
Virtue Spire III ➡ http://amzn.to/2AyCV2N
Vforce Profiler ➡ http://amzn.to/2qOJGUL
Bunker Kings Supreme Harness ➡ http://amzn.to/2qN4H2U

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Eric Jankowski says:

Funny, my local field exclusively uses pink paint. GI Sportz Field Grade to be exact.

Franco Baggage says:


Christopher Cook says:

I play pump mostly so what paint would you recommend using? My field paint is GI custom blend and it runs ssssuuppoerrr small like I’m having to use my .679 freak back and I still get rollouts lol also is there another super small barrel kit?

steven biedrzycki says:

Suitcase hellfire from the 2000s. Everything else since has been shit.

Diego Gonzalez says:

i love my yellow Virtue Vios but its so hard to find paintball gear to match

T Mac says:

That sucks. Pink is the best color.

Warpath_cards says:

#PBQT you think the sport is suffering due to how expensive it is and also pushes younger and newer players away?

Dima Lisnjak says:

#pbqt Spooler vs. Rammer? Principles, pros and cons, specifically why would I want to buy a rammer nowdays.

prstgsFrags says:

omg i remember the monster ball fiasco

Roar XD 117 says:

Don’t use infinity 1 in the cold there like marbles. In the hot they stuck together and jam any hopper.

NJNick says:

here in new jersey paint that isnt 100 percent peg fill is banned due to the pine barrens.

Ashraven PB says:

Most stores/fields can’t store paintballs in perfect conditions so i’ve started buying my paint the week before I plan on playing. I keep the paint in my basement (75F and low humidity) and turn them over every other day. Then bring them to the field in a cooler/insulated bag and they shoot much better and don’t bounce as much.

MileHighBacon says:

Make a blooper reel for the voicemails lol. That might be fun

nicholas arndt says:

No one in my town sells paintballs or the air. Been so for like 3-5 years

Ian Low says:

Just got done shooting 300 cases of hk premier and maybe got one break in my lv

Storm PB says:

#pbqt how did u get so big cuz i started to record and post on youtube and i like tips on what to get bigger

Isaac Lass says:

Which guns tend to be generally better: older high end guns (like an older geo), or newer low/mid range guns (like the etha 2)? Thanks. #pbqt

Haidan Durham says:

Yes thank you

the el man says:

#pqt #paintballquestiontime
could you explain how paintball teams and divisions work?

Dezell17 Pb says:

I still have a ring on my rib from getting shot by monster ball

Sichwun says:

My experience with Valken infinity has been terrible, i’ve never had a case not have dimples or extremely oblong balls. D3fy is making some incredible paint for the price, even their practice/level 1 stuff. Have you had a chance to try out their paint?

MrCrankyNYC says:

Thanks for the great video! Much appreciated.

omelo2006o says:

I agree valken graffiti paintballs are the way to go. My local field sells them & i find my self buying a couple cases every weekend.

NJNick says:

due to the pine barrens in new jersey, non peg fill paint is banned. NO OILS

Joe Koehn says:

There was monster ball that was blue then there was an orange one that did the same thing they were difficult to break but when they did was more like a watered down Gatorade was hard to see the hit I used it just to shoot my markers at trees and such

My paint of choice has been Nelson anarchy

Aidan Warren says:

I have an etha 2 and I will shoot anything I put in it. There I a small difference when shoot high and low end paint. My paint choice is valley infinity or outdoor. That stuff will last for just about ever if u store it right.

Cole Cunningham says:

What should I shoot out of my boblong intimidator 2k2 like 1star to 5 star?

THeavyArmsT T says:

I had a kid shoot me with monster ball years ago, he felt pretty bad because it felt like getting shot with a rock. He didn’t have any money for field paint so I bought him some. A little after that that crap was banned from all over.


HK makes the tournament paint in pink fill and at my local field nobody complaints, I’ve gotten a few ” you shooting that pink paint? Nice hit “

Bert439 says:

My T15 loves HK 4 Star

spring som fågel! says:

proshar is the best paint, empire is trash

Steven Osswald says:

Is there a correlation between thw marker’s operation pressure and level of brittleness it can handle or are there more factors that determine how soft the marker is on paint?

skyler says:

Will brass markers ever make a come back ? Like cockers are being rereleased. Would be pretty cool to have some new brass markers. Probably won’t happen due to the weight wimps but one can hope

Mason D. says:

Monster Ball. Jesus no please GOd no. If they broke that blue paint would stain worse then any paint I have ever seen before. You would become Blue from Blues Clues so fast. That stuff is the true “Ultra Evil”

Ryan Fitzgerald says:

Valken reserve definitely my favorite tournament paint

Fuse Fire says:

HK paint is pretty good, all so dye is coming out with a limited edition yellow m3s

jaybajan says:

ive shot many paint on the market already, and ive shot gi sportz 4 star in my A5 and also 98, and i may have seen 2 ball breaks in total over years of using this set up

NarsandOrin says:

The reason my local field bans “Home” paint is some players thought thy were funny and used pepper balls and solids on feald.

paintballcapt062 says:

Blue was also banned by a lot of fields back in the early and mid 2000’s because a lot of blue paint would stain just like older pink paint. I remember playing tournaments with pink fill paint and it would leave your skin pink for a week or more no matter how much you washed that stuff.

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