2012 Kingman Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Gun – Review

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Elliott Rudder says:

Seems like Spyder hasn’t released any new products in a while…

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

looks like a good backup gun or loaner gun for when a friend wants to join.

shaneisgaming65 says:

Is the spyder fenix a .50 cal or and .68 cal I want to get an e hopper but don’t know the size. Help

Gio The RACER says:

Go Rory you’re awesome

Hound_pb says:


D Book says:

Is this a full auto gun? Thanks

Finlay Mathias says:

what does this gun run better with? Gun Oil or Gun Lube? Is there even a difference? (I’m new to the sport and don’t know.) Thanks!

Project Redline says:

Sorry if I sound dumb but can it go full auto?


My shit put in work. #fenixfireballing

dablobnessmonster says:

Hi, is this marker always on? Can one just cock and fire? Or does one first need to switch on the electronics?

Can the trigger just be held in on the first pull for full auto?

Lastly, can the Leap 2 board be controlled via Arduino or Raspberry Pi3?

Thank you! 🙂

Isaac Stop says:

This or the blitz 3 (I’m pretty sure the blitz 3 is better but I’m just making sure)

Noah Agcaoili says:

can you upgrade the trigger to a better one

Lilesias01 says:

When does the azodin blitz 3 come out

edwin cadena says:

im new to paintball and i wanna get this gun. soo would i be able to put a regular hopper on this gun or does it have to be a electric hopper what are the benefits between electric and a regular hopper?

Jorge Reyes says:

does it come with another oring for the co2 tank

TheChamp PB says:

can I put a Fenix electronic board on a spyder victor?

William J says:

how heavy would it be with paint and air

Proex Greenham says:

Spyder fenix shooting video

Isaac Ehring says:

What is the range?

Dont look at my videos says:

Where do u get the paint holder at? for this gun

Minecraftboi8 says:

If would to upgrade an Fenix what will be a good upgrades for and Asa and a bolt and an regulator

Lilesias01 says:

Ok thx

Milo says:

Man, 9v batteries, low pressure, tourney boards… Spyder has come a long way in the common sense department

Linda Wilhelm says:

does it only take compressed air? or can it take co2

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