2012 Proto Reflex Rail Tournament Paintball Gun Review, Gun pr0n, Shooting Demo & more

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Arguably, one of the best-looking guns in the price range, the Proto Reflex Rail comes with some serious improvements over 2011, including the new Reach trigger! Check out the HD footage of all 10 colors of Reflexes, and we’ll talk about all the different features of the gun, as well as show you how to take apart and maintain your Reflex Rail.

After all that, come on outside, and we shoot the crap out everything in sight, showing how smooth and quiet this gun is 🙂

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Kdawg says:

thewolfsden send me here go subscribe he is giving away this gun 

stephen hall says:

im very new to paint ball ive played it a cople times and ive been looking to nuy a guna and a tank this one looks badass and i ws thinking about buying it but i would like to know what kind of tank i should get with this thanks 

noah anello says:

the wolf sent me here 

ravenstylea2 says:

for clarification, the reflex rail will work with my SLP tank?

madcuzbad says:

If i am looking for a nice and quiet gun less then 600$ what would you recommend? i was looking at this but in your shooting video it sounds very loud. Is it quieter in person? and if not, what sort of gun would you recommned

Hustle Paintball says:

Run fast and take chances!

– Chris

Jeff Neumann says:

Ordered one today:)

SilentShotGaming says:

what do ya’ll not like about the axe

Estefan Araiza says:

This or the empire axe

SilentShotGaming says:

like iwas going to get a low rise feedneck and a redline board with it

Noah Perez says:

Do u think it would be smarter to buy a 2011 proto pmr or a 2012 Pryor reflex rail

SilentShotGaming says:

the most

Hustle Paintball says:

I like the Axe much more than the Rail 🙂 It’s more reliable and easier to maintain!


Thatcher Smalley says:

Just going to let you guys know these guns are a great investment and are amazing guns

tye beaver says:

Rail will still work with gurilla 48 3000 psi

Hustle Paintball says:

We’re partial to Planet Eclipse. 🙂

SilentShotGaming says:

not to loud

Luis Dominguez says:

i mean 2012 proto rail

Joel Wellman says:

this or the axe plz help. my pro shop put this gun on sale to the same price as the axe

Hustle Paintball says:

You’re welcome 🙂


Francisco Zuniga says:

where can  get this paintball gun? (:

NitroDoesGaming says:

Does anyone part of the Anomaly team have the Eagle Dust still, or is it somewhere hidden in the warehouse. I really want it, ;-; I’ll do anything to get it… even run outside saying I am an idiot! Please, someone FIND ME THIS GUN!

Bryan Lap says:

How much does it cost???? $$$$

Dylan Ochoa says:

Can this marker run on my low pressure tank? 48/3000

james h. says:

Can you guys tell me how come mine won’t air up I checked my tank it’s fine i put it on 3 differwnt guns to make sure solenoid clicks the bolts been re lubed but when I turn the asa on it won’t air up I even took my macro line off to see if it might be my regulator but its my asa no air came out when I turned the asa on without a macro line in it so I assume that means something is wrong with my asa

Thomas Myers says:

Hey guys how long are you going to have the reflex rail with the rotor sale I don’t have a rotor or tank and I want the gun for Christmas but My parents are kinda sketchy about a gun that costs 500 dollars but I don’t want to have to ask them for an extra 200 dollars and they don’t want to but it right now thanks

Hustle Paintball says:

Because pros use it is a selling point for you? When you cant service the gun, it wont last a long time.

Kaleb McIntyre says:

does this gun work well in the cold? i am debating on getting the reflex or the etek 4. i am starting to lean more towards the reflex but i need to know if it chops a lot in the cold so i can decide which to get.

MrTwiixz says:

Hello! looking for some upgrading on my reflex u guys have any tips ?

Taz Maniac says:

This or axe?

TricKshoT4FuN1 says:

Don’t get a 2013/2014 reflex rail. It’s the same as the 2012 except for milling and different color

SPG says:

i prefer a bigger nob;)  thats what she said lol im weak

Luis Dominguez says:

axe or 2013 proto rail

SilentShotGaming says:

Oh okay then whats a really good gun that y’all really recommend

Alfonso Saenz says:

you can use sleek lube in this gun 

Anonymous says:

What is the difference between the the Dye MaxXed and the other dye proto rails?

stephen hall says:

so what is the difference between this and the 2013 or 2014?

Sebastian Szczepek says:

etek 4 or reflex rail

SilentShotGaming says:

i want a realy good gun thats quiet but not to load and won that the pros use and will last along time and the price does’nt matter he most ill go is like 700

Trenton Scheffler says:

so do you have to go into configuration mode to change between the firing modes example from semi to psp?

Harry Pollard says:

Ive got air sprayong out the back of my reflex. any reason why this may be happening i am new to the sport.

chad0ww says:

Which lube should I use for the gun or a dm?

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