2015 Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun – Review

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Azaeden Arashi says:

My Axe pro wont shoot at 200psi and the velocity won’t go over 250

Holzer says:

sooo sexy, gunna get it for my bday, and recommendations on what tank i should get? i shoot allot but need something light! ty!

Eslam Alngm says:

How can i get it in Egypt i want to bay paintball guns and Accessories for project

kiraanimerawr1 says:

I need help. My sister’s husband gave me his old markers. I finally figured out that this special one is an Empire Axe, but I can’t figure out what type it is, because I have no idea how to trouble shoot or work it properly.

The foregrip is separate from the trigger guard, rounded bottom, and it has a circular hole on each side of the body. You can see silver through them, which I’m assuming is the bolt. I’ve only been able to find one picture online of the gun, but I couldn’t find the name. Any help would be appreciated.

is the best image I’ve been able to find with a body that looks like mine.

Christopher Strollo says:

Thanks for the great reviews. One question. What is the best way to clean this gun after a game? On my other guns I usually use a slightly damped barrel swab and then another dry one follow by greasing the gun. Is this correct or should i not use any water?

Bill Hansbury says:

Inline poppet still or spool?

Paintballpro4 4 says:

What fps will this thing shoot?

Edward Mowton says:

Wish they would come out with a Redline-less version.  Could knock over $100+ off the price.  Pretty useless unless you’re always changing the settings.  Had my regular axe and never once needed to change any settings.

Luis R. Torres Ortiz says:

I bought a Axe Pro came with a defectSend it back to them and when I got it back still the same problemNothing was fixedAnsgear got the worst customer service I dealt withNow Im stock with a supposedly new gun that’s bustedThanks

Brian Chu says:

Any chance of you accidentally pressing the bolt release and it blasting out due to air pressure?

Alexander Z says:

Can you please do a walkthrough of the oled board please?

Snyckee says:

i wanted to know witch 1 is better out of the Geo 3.5 and 2015 Axe Pro?

TheBroz says:

Really good walk-though guys, thanks.

Dillon McInerney says:

How easy is this to maintain? I want something that can clean nicely but has some take-apart methods to it. In other words will this clean with more than 5 steps but don’t have to completely disassemble it after every day of play. Also, will this run on Co2. Im 13 and don’t have my own car. The nearest park is 30min away, (which is were I would get my HPA). I have a large backyard and want to be able to shoot this in my free time. Thanks for the help.

zoomzoomgt says:

this or vanquish 2.0….. had the previous axe pro loved it. love the small n tight profile, had a dm14 didn’t like how it was stretched out. so chances are I wont like the quish. whatcha think tho??

Stuff With Steve says:

so they took the feedneck and ASA off the Mini GS and put them on the Axe pro… nice.

Josh Pitpitan says:

Sooo which is better the pro or etek 5 cuz ik really gearing towards the etek but i need an opinion

kidlat1968 says:

I hope you give out a tutorial on how to use the modes and the interface of the electronic marker

Mikey salako says:

These are pretty good markers


Axe pro or Etha 2, y’all?

jpage2 says:

Dear ANSgearPaintball, i just got back in the scene after about a decade and the only marker ive owned is a spyder tl-x semi-auto, so i want a really great electric marker thats reliable easy to maintain accurate and just overall a great marker for me…. im just curious i just bought one of your ninja 68/4500 tanks with pro v2 reg, wondering if it would be compatible with the axe pro on its lowest output pressure setting, since on your ninja reg page on the ans site it says the v2 pro reg will work with just about any HPA marker? let me know thanks

Dani Reyes says:

Can do you a video on the firing modes?


Please tell me there is a whit axe without that brown color! D:

zoomzoomgt says:

new axe are nice, however I think they took a step back on the eye system, mainly the detents…..from using delrin detents to rubber fingers. the durability isn’t there compared to the delrin detents. aside from that people are asking compare to an old axe pro……the old pro vs the new pro, is pretty much the same aside from milling and making things smaller…….. in the end still has the same engine (redline board) which is the heart of the marker.

aster cruise says:

I’m looking to get my first tournament marker. Would you recommend the used axe pro for 450 or the new proto rize maxxed for 325.

John Knapp says:

great review nice new features on the axe pro I have a mini GS the only issue with it is the bolt spring gets stuck and I have to use a swab to push it out through the front of the breach after doing it 2 or 3 times noticed scratches in the cylinder were the spring and bolt rest not too happy about that I would have to say my favorite feature is the push button quick bolt release for the bolt system axe pro bolt springs seems to come out just fine wish I could say that about my mini gs for the price should come with a case and a color manual and how much lighter is it compared to the old axe?

Just4You5049 says:

I have an Invert mini GS right now but I’m want to get a new marker. I have $700 and I kind of want to stay with empire but if I don’t what would be a good recommendation?

jamespriceful says:

a guy handed me one in the middle of a game the other day my gun failed its pretty solid i waxed five rooks with it super smooth accurate no climbing just butter im going to try to snag one good review thanks for a full break down.

vise versa says:

question: could you use the axe pro for woods ball, would it hold up in that type of environment?

paul leemhuis says:

what size are the allen keys?

86sydwys says:

Im just glad they added the gasket to the fore-grip cover plate. thats way smarter. Never had any issues with my eyes.

F1N1SHEDD says:

Paint balling or airsoft? If paintballing, why so?

U.S.A. Man says:

I’m so in love with my older axe. I can’t seem to get into another gun I love it so much. Don’t get me wrong the newer ones are bad ass but mine I love it

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