5 Awesome Beginner Paintball Guns – 4K

Product in this Video:

Spyder MR100: https://goo.gl/UxOnlp

Gog eNMy: https://goo.gl/bo9hYR

Tippmann Cronus: https://goo.gl/1mWXxB

Proto Rize: https://goo.gl/ovSR9y

Empire Mini GS: https://goo.gl/AoXW7N

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iAdamGame says:

Idk I kinda like the blitz

Mark Holmes says:

141 like 69,comment

Handsome Jack says:

since im more an airsoft player, i wanted something that made me feel confortable, so i was searching for
-Something with a great feel and looks (airsoft is all about looking like you know what are you doing)
-Something Accurate (for real, all stock paintball markers that ive used needed more accuracy)
-something quick (by brother bought a Tippmann Gryphon, and the flat trigger really helps to shoot fast, but my fingers cant keep the pace all day)
so i got a Sierra One with E-Grip (electronic system) and a rifled barrel (im looking towards an APEX 2 barrel, is basically a Hop-Up for paintballs)
i think there was nothing better to start in paintball

Dan Xen says:

What’s a good gun that I could buy

Cam Free says:

I started w the Cronus , played like ten times than switched to a rise maxxed

Mr McGaming says:

Would recomend to make a seperate vid for magfed and speedball,
Magfed: TMC or TiPX
Speedball: Mini GS or Etha 2

_ FloridaBoy6627 _ says:


Dethtrip66 says:

Okay so I’ve never played before. My buddy is putting together a pretty big paintball weekend for a bachelor party and I need to buy a marker. Looking at the cheap Tippmann Cronus.
My question is about the “tactical” version. I’m thinking of spending the extra $20 on it just for the stock (I could care less about the stupid barrel and handle)

Basically everyone I’ve ever seen play holds their marker up pretty high and uses the tank as a stock. Is this the way you’re supposed to shoot? Is the stock on the Cronus useless? Is it worth having or just for looks like the “silencer” is? Is it worth the money is basically the question. Thanks

Alex Reyes says:

the mini isn’t a beginner marker its more of a mid way player

Zach Reagan says:

The Etha 2 is the absolute best starter marker for your money. Planet Eclipse. Gamma Core. You can’t beat it for $400 brand new, regardless

LifelikeCave 832 says:

I have the tipman crouns

Alexander Moger says:

The cronus is rather confortable i agree

Scrub I am says:

I personally own a Cronus.

If you want to change out the barrel you must cut off the front adapter for the shroud, as many barrels will not fit.

You may be able to bore it out with a drill if you wish to use that shroud.

Asa dude Goo goo ga ga ga says:

I got blitz 3 for my first gun

PB G14 says:

I rented my first few games and my first tournament series was a mechanical only where you had to all use the same gun (gog enmey) so that took care of that. if youre looking at getting into the sport any of the guns in this video are good but id say rent until you get the feel and save for something you really want. my first two guns (bought at the same time) are SP Shocker and an Eclipse ETEK5.

Gavin Alexander says:

Are tippmanns electric?

Alex H says:

I know many serious players buying enmys and upgrading them for mech tournaments, theyre great,

Zombiehunter 1376 says:

Meh I’d start with a pro grade gun but I’m a airsofter

Jake Cheong says:

I got acs spyder pilot and its super good for its price or the price I got it for

Isaac Orozco says:

is an gog extcy good?

V8 AMG577 says:

Was my A5 a good investment for my first gun? Got it a year ago and it works great.

Jake Burnett says:

Damn I really want to get back into paintball, maybe after my 1st paycheck ill go play

_ FloridaBoy6627 _ says:

2 years ago I had an empire axe 2.0 and my cousin had rise , he said his was at pro level and mine was beginner

Moosiblé says:

i like the tippman 98 custom. serves me pretty good

Magz says:

Where’s the magfed tho

prankur yadav says:


Snake of Genesis says:

I’m trying to imagine you without a beard. The image haunts me.

mark peel says:

There all the same lol paintBall bad do airsoft

iamcondescending says:

I always recommend the BT Slice. Incredibly easy to maintain, and 100% reliable. I’ve never had my gen 1 BT Combat fail on me.

Gamer king nth says:

Are you guys the airsoftgi of paintball

Jamuzik says:

“It can shoot fast” that’s as a vague as it gets. You didn’t even mention bps, type of firing modes, cmon man.

Moosiblé says:

i like the tippman 98 custom. serves me pretty good

Benders for life says:

I got the Cronus

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