Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun – Review

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Luke Stewart says:

Is this as good as the spyder fenix?

Mr Suggs2121 says:

I want this marker but I’m broke:/

Raysean Blanks says:

I just got my gun and the light wont turn on Help pls?

Sam N says:

What is a good hopper for this gun

Zan Alberici says:


Hock3yDG3 says:

Hey i have a problem with mine. my trigger on the blitz 3 sometimes goes crazy and won’t stop firing and sometimes it doesn’t click at all. i hate when it doesn’t click or sometimes skips clicks. it makes the paintballs jam and sometimes explode in the barrel. how do i fix this. i click it once and either it fires like 20 bullets or i fire a couple a times and it doesn’t click at all.mine also wont click in green mode. it will only kinda fire when eyes are off (orange mode)

Sharard Crawley says:

Seeing a lot of ppl saying don’t use co2. We play in a friends field and he fills everyone up with co2. I talked to a guy directly at Azodin and he said co2 works well with the Blitz 3 but not the Evo. I already ordered the Blitz 3. Will someone clarify please? Thanks

Bodie Hart says:

would I be able to use a Empire Aluminum Flat Bottom 47/3000 Basic Tank – High Pressure Output on this gun

Mystic Gamer says:

ANSgearpaintball should I get the Azodin blitz 3 for my first gun?

Matthew Duffy says:

just bought the orange and black azodin blitz from u guys

Zan Alberici says:


The Bro Era says:

Why does this guy look so stoked in the beginning?

Aaron Burton says:

The blitz 3 vs the evo 2 which is better? Im debating on getting one of the 2… Im new and dont know awhole lot about markers ecspecially with the rate of fire stuff they got.

CopyCat Airsoft says:

Should I get this or the azodin kd2?

Cloud155 says:

when i get shot by this, will it hurt

Bodie Hart says:

also can I use an invert too paintball hopper on this gun

Let's Everything says:

which caliber paintballs does this gun and it’s predecessors shoot?

myob94 says:


Zan Alberici says:


Pierson Burbach says:

does anyone have this gun and love it?

Mrcyrano says:

does it use hpa or co2 I think I wanna buy this gun but want to know if I should buy a co2 or hpa tank with it

TachirosLament says:

It’s “Successor” Rory, the word you were looking for is “successor.”

Jacob Martinez says:

Could you do a maintenance of the blitz 3 video.

Nicholas Morrison says:

What about the cleaning and stuff, is there a guide for that on the origional blitz or blitz 2

Eduardo Berain says:

What tanks would you recommend for this gun?

Collin Haynes says:

I’ve been playing paintball for about a year should I get this gun

AnonyMous says:

How do u turn on

J Rock says:

can I use co2

Top Shot says:

is that the same gun in your original video on the blitz

Xtian Cabbage says:

What type of thread is it?

Sashimi Wolf says:

what threads can this gun take?

Venom Paintball says:

what gun is the previous? Is it the Azodin Blitz? Or the evo?

Hyper says:

+Ans Gear is it possible if your store could give me a blitz 3 if I would review it on my channel and put the link in the discription?

Ibero Hernandez says:

Can You make the evo II plz

Vopan Plays says:

I am thinking about getting one but i dont know if it comes with a battery and battery charger.

Chase 123424 says:

Where do the batteries go? I can’t put on the battery

michael nguyen says:

what kind of tank would you recommend for the gun?

Santi Cruz says:

What is a preset regulator? And what is the difference between a Regulator and a Velocity adjuster? Please answer, thanks! 🙂

Zeke Rodriguez says:

Hey ans please answer my birthday is coming up and my gun broke and now I’m looking for a new gun but I’ll be playing tornaments will this be eligible to play in a tornament ?

HsGoPro 03 says:

Does it work with hpa tanks

zPhobias says:

can you put a standard hopper on a azodin blitz 3?

Davinator says:

what type of paint does this use? pls I need to know cz my paintball park has a rule that u can only use their paint. HELP!

Rafal Skrodzki says:

How long would it last for? Or how many shots?

paintball is life says:

I bought my gun and every mach I would shoot and the you would hear like a machine gun and then all my co2 is gone

Luke Fuka says:

in a lot of reviews on amazon this gun is broken. where is the best place to purchase this gun?

Zan Alberici says:


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