Azodin Blitz Evo Paintball Gun – Review

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Finger Circle says:

This or the Blitz 3?

MotoMadMan says:

This or the proto maxxed rize?

Ozzy Fitzgerald says:

I have this gun and I really like it

Orlando Hdz says:

hey everytime i trie to shoot mine is sounds like when your cgun is about to tun out of air but then i check my hpa tank and its no were near being empty

Jean Coetsee says:

just a quick question where would someone go to rehydro a hpa tank

Devon Mraovich says:

In your opinion which would be a better buy, a spyder fenix or this??

2012rexdog says:

Auto cocker for example

Jackson Holman says:

Is their no more purple and lime color

Kevin Aguilar says:

Should I get This ( Azodin blitz evo) or the 2012 spyder fenix. Help! What are the difference?

Anthony Velarde says:

Do you guys still carry the azodin kd2

EZ M8 says:

what is compressed nitrogen

NonStopGold says:

Hey i just bought this gun and i was wondering witch tank would be good could i use a 45/4500

M. Aguilera11 says:

which is better a azodin blitz evo or a blitz 3

Binh Nguyen says:

Do you still sell the Blitz in this color?

NonStopGold says:

i cant but the bolt into the forward position

Onhx says:

Can someone help me should I get the Azodin Blitz Evo or the Dangerous Power E1?

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

Both the azodin kd 2 and the azodin blitz evo are at the same price point $199.95 I don’t know which one to get

Instinct says:

Can you switch the barrel out with another higher performing one?

BRI GUY 11B says:

I’m having trouble with the feed neck. It would tighten around my Valken hopper. Could I swap it out???

Tranosaurus Rex says:

where or how do you fill up compressed air?

Jacob Williams says:

Is this legal in the uk

Tim Leighton Jr. says:

This or blitz 3?

Cranges Mcbasketball says:

I wonder is it reliable

Austin Hancock says:

I have a co2 and I want to use this how would it affect it

baseball12201 says:

What’s an Asa?

Marcus Do says:

which gun is better, the blitz evo or the blitz 3

bmoore 138 says:

Can u changer feednecks, if so what kind would I need to get

Just a bud says:

What type of battery does this use?

Andrew M. says:

Is this an electric gun ? And is the Spider-Man version good ?

Dat Phat Ripper says:

the twist-lock doesn’t look too appealing but is actualy a very good feed neck since its tool-less

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