Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun – Review

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Isaac Yi says:

Is 800 psi good for the gun?

AllGamer says:

is this a 68 or 50 caliber?

Dangerclose4 says:

azodin kaos or tippmann cronus?

Jonathan Schaefer says:

What is the caliber of that gun

Osvaldo Orozco says:

two of my friends have these and they chop paint like crazy

ANSgearPaintball says:

Isaac, 800 PSI is perfect for this gun.

Ben Price says:

I own a spyder sonix 2000,will the striker orings that azodin makes work on spyder strikers?

Og Yellow says:

I really want this gun but I don’t know anything about paintball guns. I’ve played but I don’t really know anything about guns. I really want to know more about this one such as what size paintballs to shoot, what kinds of hoppers fit it, do we have to adjust the air pressure or regulate it, where should the velocity be at, I just want to know everything…can anyone help?

Luke Scovell says:

this vs gryphon

HeRo_Twixx says:

would a proto primo fit in the feedneck nice and tight

Ryan Docherty says:

Which gun is better the Spyder Fenix or the Azodin Kaos, I’ve heard good things and bad about both guns so I’m not sure, help.

Becket Granelli says:

this or the spider xtra as a first

Marcello Rodriguez says:

Please i need help I pulled the bolt out by accident and it won’t get back in the paintball gun

Arnel Pichardo says:

Is it automatic

Mona Briones says:

After you ate done paintball ing do you put the cocking pin forward

Marcello Rodriguez says:

Is it bad that I pulled the bold out of the gun?

The Brocade says:

I know Thai might sound dumb butt what caliber is it, .50 or . 68?

Jacynth Vinoya says:

Would you recommend this gun for speedball

Makai Wilson says:

I am buying this gun but I wanted to know what is the best tank and hopper for a 5’5 kid and this gun

Tommy Han says:

Would this gun be good for recreational play? And can you put any type of gas and loader onto this gun

Lowkey Anthony says:

how heavy is it

OriginsPower says:

I haven’t put an air tank on yet, but just shooting it without a tank I have to pull the bolt back every time, normal because I thought when u get a tank on it you pull the bolt once and just keep shooting

Travis Viruet says:

+ANSgearPainball would a eletric hopper be better than a grav fed hopper for this gun

AllGamer says:

sorry for asking a lot of questions but do u recommend this gun over the tippman gryphon ?

Jorge Chavez says:

What’s the difference from kaos and blitz. Performance wise

Jesus Carbajal says:

i just get mine but i cant get the bolt out

yomama mama says:

kaos or blitz 3?

Awesomeness gun guy says:

Can i use a co2 tank? I have heard it is bad for the gun.

ANSgearPaintball says:

Yes, the barrel is autococker threaded.

Kara Buettgenback says:

Can you change the twist lock feed neck to a clamping feed neck?

JJ Reeves says:

Can you change the triggers

Owen Stewart says:

is this better than a spyder???

Dual Ride says:

I may buy it

Dwayne Jove says:

How much it is?

Samuel North says:

This is electric? Right?

Primian says:

What is better between this gun and spyder victor?

Becket Granelli says:

when was this gun released

Ryan Lamont says:

Would a 3000 psi tank be ok on this gun?

Joshua Umaming says:

Is this Co2 or compressed air?

Horatio Velvetine says:

I’m beginning and I really want this gun cause of my budget and cause it’s pretty nice looking, I hear a lot of ppl like the gun and also hate it. Please share some suggestions

AllGamer says:

also will any hoppers fit this gun or ?

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