Modern Intel gets their hands on the Spyder MRX beginner mag-fed marker and give it a review straight out of the box of how it handles being a cross between a hopper-fed and mag-fed marker.
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trent stephens says:

i own this gun and i agree with lvligs. its an 8.5 for the price.. nd is fun as fuck to shoot

robert thomas says:

does the marker itself shoot fist strike?

IIWolfofMibuII says:

Very cool, thanks!

Brad says:

I’m getting the tiberius t15 since it will be under $500.

Ben Taylor says:

Have you ever reviewed the project salvo

christopher corsetti says:

that is bullshit they only hold 10 

Omar Knight says:

can you take the hopper adapter off the gun (much like you can do with any other paintball gun?)

Nordstrom1990 says:

bt omega or mrx spyder?

Infinite Boost says:

Two years ago i bought a Spyder MR2.BIIIIIIIIG MISTAKE. It looks cool  but its a peace of garbage.

Ben Taylor says:

It’s a dye i4


Is the 2013 MR5 any good?

CubanMissile says:

I’ve been playing for about six years and not once have I called it a marker. It’s a gun to me and it always will be. I’m not a gun activist either, just prefer the term gun over marker. In fact I choose to believe a noob would more than likely call it a marker as that is how it is advertised and sold as more commonly now.

keven vargon says:

Thanks im buying it yaaa

Sam Ryan says:

Is the gun good I mite get it

Jose eduardo Baghin says:

is not bad , but…
i dont like this product , i like rap4 .
tanks for vídeo .
Good Look for you .

KoalaClam says:

Is there mags that hold more than 10? And if so where can i get it walmart,target,etc.

minecraftvideo2547 says:

i did a quickly googled it and fond you can but mag to us first strike in the mrx

Noble Nomad says:

This is cool, I like how you guys give in depth reviews. Personally Id rather have a t68 but still a cool gun

Captain Krunch says:

you can take the fore grip off and clean the breach

Jorge Frederson says:

what hopper is that?

CowTooons says:

where the hopper is add a custom magazine in it XD

TubbyBat says:

what would you recomend for a begging? (cheapish

António F. says:

is the frame of the gun metal?

Monsalve says:

2:35 you see that don’t get fooled by someone shooting fast because this aint gonna shot as fast as my milsigs. but its co2 i run carbon fiber hpa tanks in cold weather but i mean for the price good enough for a beginner

DJ O says:

You guys look awkward holding and shooting this, probably because you place your finger on the trigger incorrectly. The tip of your finger should be on the trigger, it shouldn’t wrap around the entire trigger

tactical airgunner says:

cool video 😉

Jorge Frederson says:

there is a stopper and its very good

CubanMissile says:

Honestly not a fan of Tippman their guns are big heavy duty guns extremely reliable in that sense, though I never cared for their performance. My first gun was a 2006 Spyder Victor 2 best gun, accurate, light, good on air, all I added was an anti-chop bolt never had a problem, then I got the Phenom X7 Phenom two years ago. Hated it, wouldn’t shoot straight or far, was horrible on air could barely get through half a 2000 round case. Couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

justin durante says:

i have not broke any paint. the weight is great. and i haven’t had it fail me

mihajlo525 says:

Those mags are the worst I’ve seen they are way to long for the little ammo they carry, they’re heavy and they don’t have a wind up system.

Patch Sloan says:

this is what im going to save up with my money for sure

Art of the Cheeki Breeki says:

I like how you hold it lol, I hold it the magwell method too lol

mihajlo525 says:

This is a really cheap quality mag fed marker you can tell just because they put a orange tip on it -.-

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