Best Mid-priced Paintball Guns of 2018 by ANSgear.

Owning a dependable paintball gun is essential for enjoying playing paintball instead of worrying about if your equipment will work for the next match. Nothing is worse than going to play paintball and then missing out because you’re fixing your gun.

Paintball guns don’t have to break the bank though. There are several dependable markers out there to choose from, without going all in and buying a top of the line tournament marker.

Rory from ANS has seen virtually every paintball gun made in the last 10 years. He knows the worst, but he’s also seen some of the best. Watch this video and see his personal recommendations on mid-priced paintball guns.

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Kadyn vlogs says:

Good vid love paintball

theburias says:

I’m out of the scene but I would go buy a used geo 3 and call it a day. They have to be as low as 300-400 used now I’d imagine. It’s the most reliable gun I have ever used, shoots so smooth, very efficient and I love how the shot is

Lim Zhiqiang says:

I don’t play paintball but how is a 1000 dollar gun mid range

Travis Anthony says:

Im going to get my fiancee a used gtek or ego11 , ive seen a video of a guy using peanut butter and elmers glue as lube on the gtek and freeze it and it still shot great, its very reliable

Alex Zhang says:

Is the regular axe not midrange? Or is it that crappy?

TheMustardLife says:

would you be able to give me some places to go online or in Arizona

Jacob Wilson says:

What’s the one on the far right

benzinc says:

Awesome video! Thank you… I am now browsing in your website for a second gun.

Misfits miami says:

Ansgear fucken sucks, 2 packages lost and they won’t refund money after 3 months. Bunch of kids running the show who obviously are just there for a paycheck and not for there customers. Keep going ans great job.

Ethan Martinez says:

Is the macdev clone5 drone2 and prime suitable options? I like the feel of macdev guns but don’t know if the markers hold up well compared to few on the table?
What’s your opinion?

soccerguy2433 says:

Of 2018?

RaDiCaL VIDZ says:

I’m not trying to be mean but why after you make a statement You connect your hands?

Eduardo Castillo says:

Those are some sexy gteks!

Neal Chagaris says:

I appreciate your reviews but please try to not call them guns they are markers not guns.

Travis Anthony says:

I like macroline setups because i can service the reg , most ppl cantvfix the axe reg themselves, thats a con

DaNombaOne says:

Boy, its still 2017…

Vladimir Bond says:

I don’t like the rize the asa comes loose

Clorox Bleach says:

If i saw him and didnt know who he was i thought he would be more of a scary guy but if you hear him talk you can tell he isnt!

Benjamin Walsh says:

Why don’t you mention the cad file being released by PE for the Etha 2!? Sure you may not be able to get a certain colour now but later you can change that plus the design of the entire upper body at your choice!

Bandi says:

I’ve got my eye on their Acid Wash Blue/Pink Axe 2.0. Definitely will be paying a bit more, but I don’t think it’ll be as common as the blue or red ones I’ve seen.

Erik Johnson says:

I like Rory

The Tick says:

$900 is not mid range.

sizgy tube says:

Guys i need help. Should i get the shocker,dsr or the gtek160r

Nate Hadley says:

This question is totally unrelated to the topic of this video but I need to know who won world cup?

ravenstylea2 says:

For the price the OG Gtek is untouchable. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Ed Koch Splotch Crotch says:

Ans is a cancerous tumor in the paintball sport

Gio says:

What if my field let’s me rent a Shocker xls?

GSS Weasel says:

Oof, I just got my first paintball gun, the Azodin Kaos ll

Travis Anthony says:

And alot of times composite is heavier than aluminum

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