Best Paintball Marker Over $500 w/ Team Insanity | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Tony with Jake and Kick from Team Insanity decide what the best paintball gun over $500 is. (As of August 2017) Let us know what you think in the comments. See the unedited at

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Founded in 1987, Lone Wolf Paintball is still Southeastern Michigan’s premiere paintball supplier. Originally opened by one man whose only motivation at the time was to get discounted merchandise for him and his friends, Lone Wolf has evolved into a multi-location business serving thousands of players every year. The first Lone Wolf playing field was opened on the property of the Bristol Apple Orchard in 1988 in Almont, Michigan. For over 12 years Lone Wolf began to build its clientele and customer base before moving on and expanding to several locations.

Pro Shop / Main Office — Clinton Township

The Pro Shop and Main Office is located on the south side of Hall Road (M-59) between Groesbeck Hwy (M-97) and Gratiot Ave (M-3). If you’re heading east bound on Hall Road, you will make a right hand turn onto Vic Wertz Drive (one street before Morley Drive) and follow that street until it turns into Reynolds Drive.

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Lone Wolf East is located right on the property of the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt Clemens. From I-94 use exit # 237 for North River Road. Enter in through the main gates of the Gibraltar Trade Center and the registration area will be located on the left hand side. Please keep in mind that Gibraltar does charge $2 per car for parking and that fee is not waived for paintball patrons.

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Located behind the Cascadden Lounge of the east side of Lapeer Road, approximately 17 miles north of the Palace of Auburn Hills.

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The Lone Wolf Paintball Indoor Field is located on the south side of Hall Road (M-59) between Groesbeck Hwy (M-97) and Gratiot Ave (M-3). If you’re heading east bound on Hall Road, you will make a right hand turn onto Vic Wertz Drive (one street before Morley Drive) and follow that street until it turns into Reynolds Drive.

44323 Reynolds Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48036


Dominic Mazza says:

Nicks eyebrows growing in yet

Deez Nuts says:

Luxe ice is the Winner in my heart

GameHype17 says:

They all looked the same

Raylene Gonzalez says:

awwww dye m2 no wtf didnt win

Rico Telles says:

I agree the VCOM is the best out there right now

Gaming R says:

is this dude really wearing a brazzers shirt lmao

Ryan Stevens says:

Is the dye dm10 a good market

Be Humble says:

Ok why this sucks first look the lux ice is a lot more better for running and gunning hands down it is flawless for its amazing speed and I put it to the test and it was 5 pods 1 minute and he was just agreeing because he is jealous he doesn’t have a lux ice

Roar XD 117 says:

Why did you chose the victory v com over the dye m2? Does the dye m2 suck and Could the geo 3.5 make this list

Ashraven PB says:

LV1.5 > Ice
I like my markers to shoot flawlessly when I get to the field, no matter what the temperature or humidity is.

Kerry M says:

I agree, even though the VCOM is older it is still one of the top markers out there
I believe the LV1.1/1.5 and the VCOM/VIS are the best markers listed

Chris Pacheco says:

Havent heard of the lux ice or vcom. Probs rich people gubs

Blurred Overwatch says:

Shocker rsx is so much better

The adventure of paintball says:

Jake is the kind of person i enjoy for videos he may be cursing but that is his character and that is why i enjoy team insanity’s videos

Nicholas Morrison says:

I f***ing love these guys

serfin says:

M2 and CS1 are the top markers available in my opinion.

Vamp9190 says:

This was silly, just the one guy’s opinion basically. Vcom over the Ice is laughable. I put the CS1.5 / CSR /CS1 and the LV1.5 / LV1.1 /LVR and the Gtek 160R ahead of the Vcom as well, oh and the Dye M2 also.

PB& Jean says:

Gotta love Jake for Keeping it real

Jacob Roth says:

Jake is funny as shit “I like it when it talks to me”

Chris Pacheco says:

I was right 1k plus for dose guns.shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt

The Shale Hill Slayer says:

Gotta agree, nothing up there even touches the vcom, the shot quality and ergonomics are ridiculously amazing. The PE butthurt in the comments is pretty hilarious also

First Last says:

Love the shirt that’s green

slingin' steel says:

I just realized Jake is wearing a Brazzers shirt

DeJay Crawford says:

How’s that v com work when Loctite that holds brass part of the engine separates and destroying one of the sexiest rippers made? How about threads to hold valve together not Loctite or JBWeld nice engineering do love the rippers just bad design on top of bad design.caugh caugh insight

TheKunningKing says:


Groove Paintball says:

Jake is incredibly biased, but at least he backs it up. The VCOM is awesome and I hope the new Field One spool doesn’t stray from its shot quality.

I think there’s something to say here about guys that do tech work in the paintball industry choosing Planet Eclipse most of the time. Their guns are just flat out reliable. At the moment it’s CS1.5 for me as the best all around.

Johnny Longchord says:

This was horrible production. That kid killed it for everyone watching. Don’t have him back. Actually get people that have knowledge of the product they use

Johnny Longchord says:

800-900 used luxe ice. Cs1 beats the m2. That kid is a total turd. I hate his face to sum it up

Nihilus says:

Nice shirt jake. Ask me how to make $100

lordzenchi says:

Not a good gun comparison when the price differences between the guns are so wide. Also its not really a “comparison” when you have too much bias and not enough actual facts about why a certain gun beats the other. I really liked your other comparison vids because it had more information. Still an enjoyable video. Please keep up the good work!

Chris Pacheco says:

Over 500. Shit. Another tying i cant afford

SkillsFlo says:

Great vid.  I enjoyed this!!!!

TheSkatersk8terskate says:

“tony what do you vote for?”

iiTestify says:

The dude in the middle hate that justin biber guy, i can tell

Jose Olivares says:

planet eclipse all the way.

Iikku05 says:

Cars have engines too u can say engine or motor

SkyEtic says:

That middle guy needs to calm the fuck down on the Brazzers kid

Wade Boutilier says:

Bob Long is the best manufacturer of markers

CabeyG says:

He pulled the bob long Wiener out of his ear while he’s wearing a brazzers shirt go figure smh bob long has been always known to have drop off and velocity probs luxe has their own threading which means I can’t recycle my old school awesome barrels… overall I would’ve took cs1 or m2 period they destroy the entire list

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