I ended up having to sell all my high end markers to fund a new camera for the channel. Left with only a $200 budget for a gun I went on Facebook and made a smart purchase. This is the budget baller special!

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No Hate says:

Hey man I’ll trade you my etek 5 and PayPal you 50$ for that, ok?

JimmyDean Rodeo says:

Those older egos will shoot like a beast!

Authentic says:

My best find was an empire sniper pump with a steely and a new PE Jersey for $150 from a friend

Ethan Hunt says:

I currently use a Macdev Drone 2 I bought for $225 from TMG in Indiana. Pretty sweet gun.

madcuzbad says:

Damn, I knew he’d sell it before I could get it

Armada GFX says:

What site did you buy the ego off of

Andrew Esteireiro says:

You could get a proto slg for 200 and a Dye nt11 for 300

Armando Olmos G says:

Bro a Friend bought a Ego 7 for 95dlls

proxy pb says:

Got a 98 with a dye barrel for 1$ at a yard sale. Cleaned it up painted it shoots great

PB G14 says:

Left my mate alone at the field for fifteen mins and the fucker managed to find and buy an ego 6 for like $120… And the damn thing shoots REALLY well for an older marker.

It’s Dukeyeah says:

Poppet master race


Got a tippmann pro-lite for free, just needed o-rings and some lube.

ethan kanosh says:

What a god

SuperRedseven says:

I scored a Bob long Victory for sub $150, 10bps capable. Ramp setting are not within the newer regulations, but 10 BPS semi is easy to do anyway.
Thing shoots amazing.

Steve C says:

My old ego hahah. Glad you like it. And I found my old/new grips if you want them. Hit me up on fb

Juanito Segovia says:



tomrfish says:

Love your friends effort!

George Jimenez says:

Where can I buy one of these guns though??????

cucumber games says:

I got an etek 5 and a dye rotor and a ninja sl for $400

Fizzy Cosine says:

Hold up what are your ideas on the d3fy d3s I’m looking to buy one

Fresh Paint SaK says:

Which Ego would you prefer, the Ego SL8R or Ego SL66?

avalanche1220 says:

I actually just picked up a wgp sr for 10 bucks CAD last weekend because the oled was dead but still rips on semi. Along with a 30 dollar trily pump. Local classified are the best.

Ashraven PB says:

The best budget gun is the Proto PM7 with UL frame. I paid $120 for my PM7 and regularly see them go for around $150 (less if they don’t have a UL frame).

Fezdra says:

What harness is your friend using for pods. im a big guy so i have been looking for something but i can never find anything

RusherPB says:

In and out is the best

Bruce Cook says:

of course the tippman is going to work, those 98 customs are the ak47’s of paintball markers lol. It takes quite a bit to stop those from working.

Eric Gray says:

I was ballin when the 07 ego came out they where hard to beat

inVIcious says:

bro that’s a steal for $200

NoahDBoss says:

Just traded my lbib rsx for a lnib 160r with blade trig and pops. I didnt add either LOL

machine9un kill says:


Why are you reading this?

Christopher says:

The footage is gold. Dude is awesome

Bennet Sinzig says:

MUsic too loud !!!!!

ViDz614 says:

Just bought a blue ego 9 for 170$

RAC gaming says:

I lucked out on a mini gs, dye rotor and empire 4500 tank. It gets better though, i also got empire pants, a jersey and a hk pod pack all for 100$ cad. Guy on letgo thought the gun was broke but it was a 40 dollar leak fix.

FST Clarity says:

I got a dye dm5 for $50 almost brand new

My penis is unbelievably small, But says:

I laughed so hard at :27

Jake Burroughs says:

My best purchase for £100, was a 98 custom, Tippmann x7 Phenom will all the upgrades, 2 Proto Special Editions and 2 dye i4 masks. Worth the 4 hour round drive for sure.

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