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Carmatech SAR12C Paintball Gun:

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Gear Used to Shoot this Video:

What we use to film
Canon 5D Mark 4:

Lens we use to film
Canon 24mm F1.4:

Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART DG HSM:

Drone used for aerial shots:
DJI Inspire 1 v2.0:

Audio recorder thingy
Zoom H4N Audio Recorder:

How we capture the audio
Audio-Techinca Lav Mic:

On Camera light we use
Rotolight NEO LED Light:


Abliskarian says:

I’m a total noob, I shouldn’t try using this should I lol

Colin says:

tried out my buddies… it definitely lives up to the name sniper. you can hit people at 80 – 120 meters EASY (with first strike)

Austin Potts says:

how much is this gun… complete game changer for me lol

nick dorazio says:

When is the next does it suck coming?

nye mannion says:

do  you know any paintball sniper rifles under £350

Thot Patrol says:

It’s an Intervention

Little squad says:

If he thinks that’s cool he should do airsoft

Alex Bellomy says:

You know where to find these in all the configurations? I might want one if I get into paintball sniping

shooting fools with paint 666 says:

so does it suck? sorry had to

NoahDBoss says:

Mu buddy has one of these!

THE COYOTE72 says:

Well I guess I am going to sell my kidney

Qaeta says:

I fucking LOVE mine. By far my favorite marker in my collection. Definitely desires a steady diet of first strikes. Also, it’s a great conversation piece at the field, since there are so few of them out there. If you do run into another owner, it’s pretty much instant friendship due to the clubs exclusivity.

Blake Cain says:

can it also go norm .68 paint balls

YetAnotherGamingFail says:

I own one, i dont have any videos of me using it yet, but i will sure as hell try to put some up. if anyone wants to know how it feels, then just imagine gogging someone from 125 yards, then slamming back the bolt manually and chambering another round, and whispering to yourself “boom… headshot”

yeah… that awesome.

Sam N says:

Can you use regular rounds in it

Noisy 10 says:

It’s like the 50 cal of paintball

Ryan Cokus says:

this is my air ball gun.

chriscos123 says:

This is why i switched to airsoft….

Lee Fox says:

That gun looks sick! I need one ASAP! 😀

Owl PB says:

Normally I’d dislike the “flip it” mags. But being a sniper rifle you’re not going to be unloading anyway. But on the dye dam not so much. Thankfully they are making a continues mag.

Gio The RACER says:

How bad does 68cal hurt

Addy Kochain says:

A Hammer 7 with First Strikes can don the same thing at a fraction of the price ( Under $200 ) and 1/4 of the size….I saw a guy using one of these at the field today… if you like being a slow and easy to hit target then by all means get one of these…

Poncho Gambino says:

What’s the name of the shroud?

chaseon4wheels says:

Imagine running a remote line with no stock, and use it as a pistol lol

asaroso says:

i am debating between this and the ccm ssr..

Potato McMuffin says:

I already have a gun and I want to get into mag fed is this good for a starter is not plz tell me a good mag feed gun

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