D3FY Sports D3S Paintball Gun w/Tadao Board – Review

To get one of these D3FY Sports D3S Paintball Guns with a Tadao Board visit: http://www.ansgear.com/D3FY_Sports_D3S_Paintball_Gun_w_Tadao_Board_p/d3fysportsd3sgunwtadaoblkblk.htm

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hi guys I just want to say your videos are so helpful and fun to watch. But can you suggest a gun around the 350$ range Canadian. Goggle is really good at converting prices. And for loader I’m thinking used Pinocchio. Thanks again.

Johnathon Morrow says:

Is there any reviews for the JT DL9 Ready To Play Paintball Gun Kit

Wilbert Brizuela says:

The feed neck on the D3S doesn’t secure some of the hoppers I own. I was wondering if I could change it for a taller clamping feed neck?

Kyle Harper says:

Gog extcy or defy d3s

Pearce B. says:

Is the trigger micro-switched?

axel ledezma says:

Is it OK if I co2 for this gun?

sape says:

can you adjust the trigger? and is it easy to walk?

Darren Meehan says:

.68 caliber?

Rainer Guerra says:

Thank you so much that is true

Theory ZinX says:

I need some help I don’t know a lot about this gun has it had a lot of problems and it is a reliable gun as far as mantienece thx

NEV Nev says:

This, gog extcy or Proto rize

Lyle Bedward says:

you should make a video on how to change the firing modes for that gun

Hunting Fishing says:

Is this a good beginner gun

Dalton Grimes says:

Do you recommend the Proto Rail PMR or this?

muscle vs tuners568 says:

hey ans gear can a 48/3000 empire tank work since it is a high pressure?

marco bisicky says:

How many balls per second?

Faez Jev says:

can you put a another or different trigger to the gun? i just don’t like how it is now it looks to simple or original, .

Caden Davis Vlogs says:

how much fps

daniel monarrez says:

do you need a low pressure tank for this gun?

Mattlah12 says:

I got 350$ budget and I need a gun and a new mask any ideas was thinking this gun with sly profits at 79$ as of right now that there on sale

ReStockZ says:

Im getting this gun also with a full dye and hk army apparel but 1 question what rotor do you think is appropriate for this gun?


One question.
Why does the barrel come in two pieces?

Triipz FA says:

whats a good $80 setup, mostly woodsball but would play some speedball and i use a good amount of paint so i need a pod pack

Javier Dominguez II says:

Where would i get orings specific to the d3fy d3s?

Ben Price says:

Does it have tournament lock?

Brayan Barajas says:


Tech Ball5 says:

I have a dangerous power G5 witch is better? I’m also think about getting it for a secondary, or what would you recommend for $350 or less?

Real 1 says:

#ANSgearPaintball what is the recommended psi range for this gun?

Lexi Anderson says:

I may get this gun is it a good choice

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