DLX Luxe Ice Review & Efficiency Test Paintball Gun | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Tony reviews the new DLX Luxe Ice paintball gun and runs a ton of paint through it for an efficiency test. The DLX Luxe Ice paintball marker features a newly milled body and frame, reduced weight, increased air efficiency and a full overhaul of the Luxe bolt engine.

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Paintball mag says:

I’m surprised it didn’t have massive air leaks. But then again it was allready used. The luxe ice has a tendency to leak out of the box

Paintball mag says:

Was it capped at 10.2?

Skyrimax says:

Man I want that luxe but you know not everybody have 1.2 thousand dollars laying aside lol

HunterFisher2 says:

What lens is that in the grill?

Daily Pb Review says:

might be a silly question but what camera did you use? awesome definition! great video guys!

Alejandro Meza says:

I just want to know your opinion, the dye m2 or this gun

Spiro Kokkinos says:

Tony (lone wolf) I need some help picking out a beginner gun can you help me

TheSonrikz says:

best marker EVER!

sh8k3nb4k3 says:

will the Luxe ice engine fit in a Luxe oled 2.0?

Rex The Noob says:

Lol it’s not hate it’s just funny. Why when zoomed the barrel was on and when zoomed out the barrel was off?

shawn jackett says:

tank starting press velocity?

Alex Delcorralio says:

Kinda silly question but why do most pros who have high end guns usually get it in black? I’ve never seen a pro have a crazy neon color on their guns

Drew Roth says:


CharlieHorsePaintball says:

What’s that thing between the tank reg and the asa

Vic245 says:

Tippmann paint? Lol

David Rodriguez says:

I laughed when he changed his shot positioning and tried shooting different things, luxes are so fucking nice they make you shoot shit around you can’t just shoot one thing it’s like your mind is reacting to dam is it really that responsive. Anyways when gog can figure out how to get a 9volt in their gun, I will buy one. I hate that charging crap.

Jade Ainsworth says:

L.o.L they copied dp.s on off asa lol

Chuck Teez says:

8 pods that’s depressing

Alex Zielinski says:

bolt is most certainly updated, but that new asa is such an eye sore when it’s de-gassed.

David Lowe says:

I wanna go to LWE, but I dunno what the prices are like. Gimme ur # so I can call & ask.


So in comparison to 2.0 videos efficiency. One more pod on 68ci. So prob get 10pods on 77ci at 4500 fill. I guess its not bad. Its not bob long efficiency. I play mostly scenario and carry hopper plus six pods before refilling. So it should work nicely. Thanks for the vid.

tylerdevloo says:

Coming back to paintball after 8 years off. Disappointing to see all guns shooting so slow and capped at 10-12. Back in my day it was all about that uncapped semi.

Ryan Pestano says:

What do you think is a good speedball gun under 600

Killer Paintball says:

how is the luxe ice for people with big hands?

Paintball Noob says:

What lens is that on the grillz ?

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