Dye M2 Paintball Gun – Review

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Krazy-K Paintball says:

wow I hope planet eclipse see this and setup up there game I am pop it fan

Arnaldo Gallardo says:

What is the 2 switches on the right side of the board labels 1 & 2 ?

InsertGamePlayItRageQuit says:

Great gun! I love your vids ans gear! Keep them coming! And I hope in the future you can actually do test videos like actually shooting the gun.

free style says:

is it true these m2’s have a trouble working during the winter/cold seasons?

Seth Martinez says:

can i have that gun plzzz

Sam Duffy says:

LOVEEEEEE that shot counter

Nicolas Chaintron says:

Reviewing a paintball gun without shooting any paintball ????

Bluey Sc'erri says:

would the board with the Oled be transferable to another Dye Marker ??

Last Spice says:

is there a way to disable the service settings?

PelleyJ says:

looks waaaaaaaaaaay better than the CS1 imo, Dye totally took away Planets spotlight this time

John Knapp says:

the Dye m2 looks great, digging all the new features

BlackRiderPB says:

God I can’t wait to get one this is the gun that’s gonna get into speedball

bee hatch says:

I love the dye m2

Michael Lee says:

whats the length of the barrel?

Zander13 Automotive says:

been out of the game a few years, omg things have change and gotten expensive. pretty cool though.

Kyle Juback says:

i moved from Florida to Virginia and before i moved i sold my axe and all my stuff ( i4s,pod pack,pods,tank,caddy,rotor,pants) what do you guys think the best setup would be starting new? haven’t played in about 6 months either but used to work at a paintball field in florida.

Pb&J-Vlogs says:

I knew dye would come out with something big

BernieZurdo says:

What happens if the screen get a direct close shot? Does it have a thick glass? did Dye tried that? Awesome review as always!

Just Another Paintball Channel says:

Can you replace the Li-ion battery with another DYE Li-ion battery for when the cell loses its power after a few years? I’m just thinking ahead.

vwrc1 says:

Did you just took the gun out of the case by the trigger ? I mean why… Sorry just grinds my cautious gears ..

Jan says:

makes me regret buying a dm15 last feb.

zero zkill says:

ohmergerd! the gun has a bomb in the handle!!!!!

Mike Breaux says:

DM15+Virtue oled…check

SimpsonvilleSavages Woodsball/Tactical/Speedball says:

Can you put rotor speed feeds on R2s?

TronChris Vs Gaming says:

What happens if I used field paint 🙁 m field doesn’t allow outside paint

Curro Official says:

Just ordered a mos air from you guys, can i use a regular ninja reg with all the shims in it with this gun? or a pro v2/low pressure? thanks.

foughtwolf says:

Nothing the Vanquish didnt already do. Good job DYE.

Sean Spencer says:

Well I have a nt11 and well I cracked the eye pipe by doing maintenance on the Bolt then connecting it to hpa to check for leaks no leaks
Disconnected at from HPA and then I shot it with no Barrel to clear the air out of the gun and my eye pipe comes flying out

Carlos Camejo says:

Holy shit! dye with an oled screen.

Stee Stoe says:

Dude I’m sold. A local shop can sell me a new one for $950. I’m guessing that’s a good buy?

johan karlsson says:

can you program the board on the usb software?

H.Cruzz10 says:

How did you manage to turn on your asa with such ease? It’s so hard for me to turn it on with my ninja pro v2 ref any help?

ThatBoy Q says:

Can u use a different battery

P8ntballa says:

is the rechargeable battery removable? can I put a Duracell in if I didn’t charge the rechargeable or if the rechargeable decides not to charge or craps up if I’m at the field?

Paintball Noob says:

The only reason I am excited this came out is because the DM14 will be cheaper…

schof215 says:

Bravo, Dye!
Great job.

Gabriel Currier says:

I honestly can’t chose between this or the CS1…

ballsdynamite says:

“If you forgot to chargr your battery, it’s your own fault” Cut to low battery indicator during the video.

TheDj&Achannel says:

Can u please do Llke maintenance videos or a walk through of the Azodin blitz evo

frank gfrörer says:

Like alot i do

TheNewtonKidz says:

Sooooooooo dope!

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