Empire Battle Tested D*fender Paintball Gun – Review

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Jaredwargamer TV says:

does it run on CO2

BlazarK says:

The fact that this paintball gun exists makes we want to get back into paintball.

Joseph Cimino says:

Do u need the inserts ?

pint sized pb says:

wish every empire gun came with all  that stuff

B3AR says:

Haven’t you guys done a review on the D*fender
And hasn’t the D*fender been here as a gun for a long time


Unbalanced psychopaths of my enrollment are unbalanced

fishkluch says:

Damn it has one of those stupid 3 round safety full auto modes. I hated it in my A5 and threw it out for an APE Rampage board

Cory Thomas says:

Would a ninja sl 77 fit on this

Miami Paintball says:

How long does deliveries take for guns

Ben Nelson says:

Other it

Tunnel Snake says:

If I buy one of these would I be able to play with it at paintball parks or is it too good of a gun?

Luciano senisi says:

this is one of my favourite guns on the market I want one so badly

Mikey salako says:


Darryn Ouk says:

Plus the slower trigger response due to the motor and feed mechanism, and the fact that you can’t really fire down to the last shot which could make a big difference in scenario games

Attila Grace says:

I was super lucky enough to win this gun at my last event 😀 I cant wait to use it

Nucepup Crazy says:

Would u recommend using the speed feed or should I just use the normal hopper cover

Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU says:

this thing costs the same as my shotgun, seriously?

Max Headroom says:

how good of an option is this for less than lethal Rubber and pepper balls?

Matthew Tran says:

bleh, this thing is like a fat ugly chick. if it was the only thing i had to play with then sure but other wise i’ll stick to my Axe.

Javier Huff says:

what did he mean the panel on the side, if you need to get to your eyes, if they are dirty or clean. 4:42

Rosendo Pili says:

I haven’t been able to find an in line freak ready apex 2 barrel with BT/A5 threads sold separately.

Vicente Lenin says:

It says canot be shippin into México, or i understand wrog? http://www.ansgear.com/help_FreeShipping.asp

Darryn Ouk says:

Kinda ugly

James Prunner says:

How long can you play with this gun before the batteries die ?

harlemhornet says:

hey! Great video! So I am looking to buy a paintball gun MOSTLY for home defense and just shooting fun. I will rarely if at all be playing Paintball. I’m looking for a gun with the MOST powerful shot and one that looks as real as possible. I have come across the BT Dfender and the Tiberius T15… Do you have any suggestions or can you tell me which one you would get?? ( I know very little about paintball guns lol) I will be putting the Glass/Rubber defense balls, or the Nylon balls in. Like I said my main desire is to have a real looking weapon, that fires hard enough to take down an intruder wearing a jacket, pants and so on.
Thanks a lot!

hugo chen says:

What do u guys recommend the dam cqb with an upgraded 14inch barrel and more mags or the defender they are around the same price?

Thestream Team says:

That gun isn’t cheap what you all want to do when you grow up?
I want to be in the US army riflemen

kidlat1968 says:

How many paint can this gun hold? and how many paint per second can this shoot out on full auto mode? TIA

Isaac W says:

This would make a great support marker. 18″ barrel and a bipod.

Fried chicken hater says:

very good review… thank you for pointing out about the balls not coming out when theres only a few left. is this the same with the big drum mag kind of loaders?

Minecraftplayer says:

that looks like a Barretta cx4 storm

justinhalls413 says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the apex make matching bore size to your paint kind of pointless? The accuracy increase that you get from matching bore sizes is going to be negated because the apex is going to change the direction that the ball flies anyway. I guess it would help when you’re not using the apex, or when you have the ramp all the way down but I feel like the two of them together kind of counter each other.

Alex Powell says:

At paintball explosion this gun is $1,000

pint sized pb says:

i could ove  got this instead i got a mini gs

Orizon says:

What thread pitch barrel does this gun use?

Jim Stockman says:

Gonna get this one after my EGO 😀

Triple259772 says:

I wish it was mag fed

It's Dukeyeah says:

What’s the point of inserts

Daniel Johnston says:

I sold all my gear last year, but I had speedball gear. The fact that this gun has what it has, makes me want to get back into paintball but this time woodsball. This gun is perfect.

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