Empire Mini GS Review: Little Shooter

The Empire Mini is one of the most popular paintball guns over the past 10 years of so, how does the Mini GS stack up to the new Axe 2.0 and Axe Pro?


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Nicollette Poole says:

GS or Vanguard Demon? Found them for similar prices. Demon is pretty sexy but idk anything about it.

craig larsen says:



invert mini GS vs etha LT

Revo- Squirrly10 says:

Any one knows where to get custom grips for the mini

Clorox Bleach says:

Is this gun for a trex?

Alfred skjelby says:

Dude the mini gs is made for small people with small hands

Zackary Worden says:

See I’m 6’1″ and I put my ninja 77/4500 tank on the gs and it feels pretty good for me but I just can’t shoot fast with it but that’s not a problem for me cause my local field only allows 6 bps but the only problem I have is the barrel on the gs sucks


some say the eye cleaning process on the mini gs is a real hassle. is it really that bad?
also, thanks for the review. deciding btwn this and the axe 2.0 for lady. and ur reviews on both made the decision a bit easier.

seth Kemp says:

Do a etek 5 review!!

Gussbuss Bustos says:

I recently bought a used mini and I have 2 concerns. 1. Is the spring supposed to stay inside whenever the bolt is removed 2. Is the trigger supposed to be able to move side to side pretty easily. Any help??


this or an axe?

dgbear619 says:

Haven’t seen any videos comparing jerseys, pants, or pads. Any chance of those?

Tania Sanabia says:

Mini gs or G5?

STRYFE Gaming says:

Rate my setup:empire ultra 68,dangerous power G5 spec r,GI sportz lvl,virtue vio ascend mask,valken 4+3 pod pack.

TheFallenKnight190 says:

what size tank would you recommend for it

tleytek says:

big ups on the filthy frank track

Shot Pig says:

What tank size should I get

Gil Marquez says:

love my mini gs, good entry level marker.. haven’t had any issues so far

PunkIce69 says:

Can you do a video or in a Q&A go over some of the gear bags out there right now. Been stuck in the past trying to find a CK Hybrid gear bag, but I’m thinking I will need to buy a new bag and I really am having a hard time finding something I like as that I have no stores around me and everyone only seems to have the same PE bag and would like more options than that.

DoughBoyLGMX3 says:

HELP plz i just recieved a used mini gs in the mail right now and i notice looking down the feedneck that only the left eye lights up red and not the right are they both supposed to be lit up? and if so do i have to replace it? or does it just not light up when dirty?

Chris Scheben says:

I feel like a gun this small would’ve been really well liked when everyone was using huge drop forwards and trying to go as short as possible.

Paulo Ramirez says:

What barrel and barrel length would you recommend for the mini gs ? I’m new to paintball and I bought the mini gs based on your review . Thanks !

BossFight52 says:

I don’t know what to get the mini or etha 2 and I’m fairly knew to paintball

chiel vermesch says:

Can You shoot it out of the box or do You first need To put grease on it?

SSniper14 PB says:

How does the size compare to an ion? My ion is the perfect length for me and Id like to upgraded to something similar

Yadiel Vasquez says:

What would be a good barrel for this gun?

aa craine says:

What’s your opinion on air soft

T Money says:

Im New to paintball. Does it matter what air tank I have on it? What do you think is the best tank to get for this gun?

Mike Castro says:

What’s the difference between a Mini GS and a mini invert?

PyrateKid says:

I’m that 1 in 2000 that needs their reg. fixed. 🙁

Mark Andrea says:

Do you think that the mini GS is better then the original AXE? Or not as good?

sam shifflett says:

Just getting back into paintball after 14 years, found your videos very helpful since everything is completely different. I’ve watched a ton of your videos now and wanted to say thanks for the info you put out.

Travis Anthony says:

Im looking for some used gear, i will probably get the mini gs and find a package deal. later on get somthing better and keep the gs for my fiancee. I wish i had my bushmaster 2000 and custom automag rt still, sold them forever ago , still regret it

William Lovett says:

I have a question about this gun. How big is the trigger frame (gripping area) in inches length wise. I have huge hands but I’m interested in these for the price

Bossco&Associates says:

solid choice on the outro there b0ss

alex perez says:

Nice definitive answer,, “nothing better”
Thank you for the video, i’ma be picking this up as my upgrade from my Alpha Black Elite, thinking its gonna be a bit different =P

Chip Productions says:

do a review on autockers

Gussbuss Bustos says:

Hey brad I’m having problems with my mini gs fps. It won’t shoot over 250 even if I turn the psi up to 280psi. Any help??

lucas noel says:

What is the barrel threaded for

Kerry M says:

can you do a video on all the high end loaders.. pros and cons
which ones are quietest, fastest, easiest on paint, most reliable etc..
Thanks for the videos!

Jordan Phillips says:

Can i use a tippman 20 oz co2 tank with this out of the box

machine9un kill says:

would you recommend this as a first electronic gun?

Triston Herrera says:

This gun looks so good I want it but I gots not moneys

SSniper14 PB says:

Honestly I think the g5 would be a better choice. Mini GS would be a close second for the $300 price range

Grizzlie Gaming says:

Should I buy this??

Max Powers says:

JUst bought one today. I havent taken it on the field yet. But so far I love it.

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